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Outreach Office

About Outreach

The outreach office at SBE works to improve and increase stakeholder engagement. We, at outreach office, foster outreach opportunities for faculties and their students, and advocate for outreach initiatives as essential to the university’s role and mission

The business advisory board with CEOs of major MNCs and local firms in the country from multiple industry sectors assists in bridging the gap between the academic world and industry, to ultimately better equip the students with real challenges of workplace. Increased visibility to recruiters and improved alumni engagement adds to the student experience at SBE.

With over 8000 business and economics alumni, we are convinced of the tremendous potential of an active and well-organized alumni network to enhance the quality of education and service we can provide to students and graduates. NSU Alumni Association of Business School (AABS), an initiative by the Outreach Office, facilitates Business and Economics graduates to establish and maintain strong ties among the university, alumni, current students and reputed corporations. Whether students choose to live in Bangladesh or move to a different country, and regardless of the professional career paths they select, they are guaranteed to find the support of the NSU SBE alumni community. An Alumni Advisory Board has been formed as a vital conduit for alumni engagement, and for facilitating the establishment of a functional alumni association.

The Outreach office believes in transformation for which it has been working actively to rebrand the school of business and economics in order to create coherence among the departments of SBE along with promoting the brand. It has designed a brand new logo and tagline that represents SBE. Along with that, different branding elements have been developed that includes brochure, mug, pen, note book, pendrive, etc. The outreach office has recently renovated the departments of SBE as a part of its branding. Through this, anyone can now have clear insights of the mission, vision and values of SBE right after entering any department. We also have displays of advisory board member’s list that helps us maintain transparency about the boards and its activities with the students and the staffs. 

Co-Coordinator’s Message

_MG_2335.jpgThis year I’ve had the pleasure of working with the School of Business and Economics to create The Outreach Team. Our team consists of enthusiastic undergraduate students who are positive role models with a passion for maintaining broader external image of SBE, encouraging more stakeholder engagement and online presence. Within first few months of its inception, outreach has seen fair share of success, and we are excited to have the opportunity to continue our work for the coming semesters.

At the office of the outreach, we work to promote the School of Business and Economics of North South University to external stakeholders like prospective students, both undergraduate & graduate, parents, alumni and recent graduates, recruiters and other academic institutions of the world.

In light of our vision, the Business advisory board with CEOs of major MNCs and local firms of the country was made. These business leaders meet to share their ideas about how they could help us ease the gap between industry and academia.

NSUSBE Alumni, an initiative of the Outreach Office, is a network for over 8000 Business and Economics alumni we have all over the world. We realized the potential of this alumni network for enhancement of the education service we can provide to the students and graduates, and therefore, an Alumni Advisory Board has been formed for encouraging maximum alumni involvement and facilitating the establishment and running of functional alumni association.

To reach world-class standards, the Outreach Team has been working for SBE branding, which include renovating and transforming the departments of SBE in every way possible. From the way SBE works to the way it looks and what it represents, a lot went on branding a business school for the very first time in Bangladesh. We have our logo, values, tagline and other branding elements establishing our brand value among stakeholders.

Ms. Parisa Shakur
Lecturer and Outreach Coordinator, 
School of Business & Economics
M.Sc. in Gender & Social Policy 
London School of Economics (LSE), UK
B.Sc. in Economics 
School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS), UK
Business Advisory Board
The Business Advisory Board of NSU SBE was formed with the mission of developing professionals in Bangladesh who will lead firms and organizations to their success through sustainable practices. The board is a group of 14 outstanding leaders of top tier MNCs and local firms of Bangladesh, selected based on the top recruiters of NSU SBE graduates. The Board acts as a bridge between the students and the corporate world to eliminate industry-academia gap and provides superior corporate governance that helps to cultivate potential corporate relationship for the school.
Our Logo

Guidelines for Use o f the Logo:

The NSU SBE logo is a burgundy square emblem with “NSU SBE” written in white block letters at the bottom right side of the square.

There is no additional word or design on the square. The logo has been in use since the birth of the outreach office in all advertisements of NSU SBE. In order to use it, consistency in size, color and design should be maintained.

The use of this logo is permitted only for university purposes.

It is important for all Outreach staff to keep our logo consistent in appearance and free from well-meaning but inappropriate design concepts.

Recommended Color Codes:

The logo is comprised of the following color schemes-

It is inappropriate to use or alter the logo in any other way on publications, web sites, or other formats.

There can be no variation in the shades of color used. However, it can be printed in black and white. 

Promoting SBE

For the purpose of branding the School of Business and Economics, the Outreach Team has actively worked to create its brand color based on which a SBE Logo and Tagline came to view.

Now even the departments have been refurbished to reflect the work that we have been doing for the branding, in terms of the freshly done painting of the walls with the brand color, displays of the mission, vision and values that SBE has, a display of our Advisory Boards etc.

Souvenirs like SBE Mug, pen drive, key ring, pen, notebooks, carry bags, folders have been prepared to as promotional materials. 

SBE Outreach Directory


Name: Md. Mahabuber Rahaman

Designation: Media & Logistics Officer



Name: Jawwad Jahangir

Designation: Graphics Designer


Name: Farzana Amin

Designation: Editor & Accounts Officer


Name: Ayeman Nafia

Designation: Editor