Engineering Materials Laboratory


This Laboratory is housed in the Basement – 1 of the SAC Building of North South University. The floor area of this laboratory is 236.80 sqm with enough space for mixing materials and casting concrete members. It is well equipped for carrying out routine tests of concrete and concrete making materials. The major equipments including the compression testing machine are made in Italy. Facilities are also available for cutting concrete core and testing in the laboratory.This laboratory is extensible for UG/PG teaching and research purposes.

Facilities of this Laboratory:

This laboratory is widely able to give the following facilities for UG teaching and research purposes.

Sl.No. Name of the experiment
1 Determination of normal consistency of cement with Vicat's Apparatus
2 Determination of initial setting time of cement with Vicat's Apparatus
3 Sieve analysis of fine and coarse aggregate
4 Specific gravity and absorption capacity of fine aggregate
5 Specific gravity and absorption capacity of coarse aggregate
6 Unit weight and voids in aggregate
7 Making cylindrical concrete specimens and Slump test of concrete
8 Test for direct compressive strength of cement mortar
9 Resistance to degradation of small size coarse aggregate by abrasion and impact of the Los Angeles machine
10 Compressive strength of cylindrical concrete specimens
11 Sampling and testing of brick for compressive strength and absorption
List of the Instruments of this Laboratory:
Sl.No. Instruments Name Quantity

Vicat Apparatus with Accessories

1A Vicat Frame complete with consistency plunger, 10mm diameter. Requires one initial & final set needle to make up test weight to 300g. Product No. EL38-2010 3
1B Comprising 1 x EN Initial Set Needle1.13 mm diameter and 1 x EN Final Set Needle 1.13 mm diameter with special footing.
Product No: 38-2110
1C ASTM Initial Set Needle. 1 mm diameter. Product No: EL 38-2620 3
1D Vicat Mould manufactured from brass and supplied complete with a ring and glass base plate. Product No:EL38-2200 3
1E EN Vicat Mould manufactured from a hard rubber compound and supplied complete with a glass base plate. Product No:EL38-2300 3
1F ASTM Vicat Mould manufactured from non-absorbent plastic and supplied complete with a glass base plate. Product No: EL38-2660 3
Spare: Consistency Plunger. Product no.EL38-2010/10 3

Blaine Apparatus with Accessories

2A Blaine Air Permeability Apparatus. Product no.EL38-1000 1
2B Manometer Liquid (Dibutylphthalate). 500 ml bottle.
Product no.EL38-0620
2C Reference Cement. 10 g sachet. Product no.EL38-0645 1
2D Filter Papers. 12.7 mm diameter. Box of 100.Product no.EL38-0650 1
2E Spare: Manometer U- tube. Product no.EL38-1000/10 1
2F Spare: Blaine Air Permeability Cell. Stainless steel with a perforated disc and plunger. Product no.EL38-1000/15 1
3 Mould 2"Cube 10

Slump Cone with Base Plate

4A Slump Cone complying with EN 12350-2, ASTM C143 and AASHTO T119 5sets
4B Tamping Rod. Steel, 600 mm long x 16 mm dia, hemispherical at both ends 5sets
4C Steel Rule -
4D Base Plate 5sets
4E Slump Cone Funnel 5sets
5 Tilting Drum Mixer 1

Molding/Preparation of Sample

6A Cylinder Mould 100mm X 200mm 50
6B Cylinder Mould 150mm X 300mm 10
6C Cube Mould 150mm. 4 part with clamp attached base plate 10
6D Measuring Cylinder, 250ml Capacity. Soda Glass, Spouted, BS 604 5
6E Graduated beaker, 250mm capacity, Borosilicate glass, squat form with spout 5
6F Trowel, gauging with steel blade 200mm long, complies with BS4550 5
6G Sample Tray, heavy duty, galvanized steel, nesting 610mm X 610 mm X 63mm 5
6H Tamping Rod for Tamping Specimens to ASTM Req. 10mm 5
6I Compacting bar for Tamping Specimens to EN Req 5
6J Wire brush 5
6K Mould Oil 5 litre

Capping of Cylinder, Melting Pot with Accessories

7A Cylinder Capping Frame comprising a vertical support, mounted on a steel base designed to accommodate both sizes of capping plates. Supplied complete with 100 mm and 150 mm capping plates. 1
7B ELE34-6122/01 melting pot for 220-240 VAC, 50-60Hz, 1PH 1
7C Rubber pad with capping plate 4 set of 6'' + 6 set of 4" 10
8 Concrete NDT Testing Schmidt Hammer with accessories 3
9 Concrete Vibrator Poker, electric 2


i) Buoyancy Balance with accessories

A. Buoyancy Balance. 6kg x 0.1 g supplied with frame, water tank and suspension hook. For 220 – 240 V AC, 50 – 60 Hz, 1 ph. 1
B. Wire Basket with handle for BS 812 Relative Density. 200 mm diameter x 190 mm deep, 1.70 mm wire mesh. 1

ii) Pycnometer, Sand Absorption cone & tamper

C. Sand Absorption Cone made of brass to the dimensions given in BS 812, ASTM C128 and AASHTO T84. 2
D. Tamping Rod for use with cone. Tamping face is 25 mm diameter and complies with BS 812, ASTM C128 and AASHTO T84. 2
E. Bulk Density Measures, 3 liter capacity. Manufactured from heavy gauge steel these bulk density measures comply with the requirement of either BS 812 or ASTM C-29. Other than the 3 liter size, all measure incorporate carrying handles as standard. 2
F. Pycnometer, capacity 1000ml/1kg, glass jar complete with non-corrodible cone and rubber seal 2
11 Crack Detection Microscope with accessories 2


Dual Frame Compression Machine

12A AUTOMAX COMPACT- Line Automatic Compression Testing Machine 1
12B 300 KN Capacity Hydraulic frame for compression tests on cement, mortar, resin and other materials. 1
12C Compression device to test portions of 40 x 40 X 160mm mortar prism broken in flexure (Code/Cat no. 50-C9030) 1
12D Compression device to test 50mm (2") mortar cubes
(Code/Cat no. 50-C9032)
12E DATAMANAGER PC software 1
12F Distance Piece Dia 165mm x 20mm height 1
12G Distance Piece Dia 200mm x 50mm 1
12H Distance Piece Dia 200mm x 68mm 1
12I Distance Piece Dia 200mm x 40mm 1
12J Distance Piece Dia 200mm x 100mm 1
12K Upgrading the DIGIMAX, PILOT and AUTOMAX series 1
Paper Roll. Pack of 10 Rolls 1

Digital Load Calibration Cell

13A Load Cell 2000 KN 1
13B Digimax Plus tester 1
13C Hard Plastic Carrying Case 1
13D Force Calibration Verification MS Excel Spread Sheet 1

Los Angeles Abrasion Machine and Charges with Accessories

14A Los Angeles Abrasion Machine 1
14B Set of 12 Abrasive Charges ASTM/UNI 1
15 Drying Oven with LED Temperature Display 1


Motorized Sieve Shaker and Standard Sieves with Accessories

200mm dia and 300dia sieves, 220-240V AC 50Hz 1 ph. As standard, the sieve shaker accepts up to 12 nos of 200mm dia sieve with pan and cover; and up to 6 nos of 300mm dia sieves plus pan and cover. A variable time switch should be in the system with a range of 10 to 60 minutes to set the duration of test. 1
16A 203mm dia ASTM Sieve No. 200 (0.075mm) 1
16B 203mm dia ASTM Sieve No. 100 (0.150mm) 1
16C 203mm dia ASTM Sieve No. 50 (0.300mm) 1
16D 203mm dia ASTM Sieve No. 30(0.600mm) 1
16E 203mm dia ASTM Sieve No. 16 (1.18mm) 1
16F 203mm dia ASTM Sieve No. 8 (2.36mm) 1
16G 203mm dia ASTM Sieve No. 4 (4.75mm) 1
16H 203mm dia ASTM Sieve op 3/8" (9.5 mm) 1
16I 203mm dia ASTM Sieve op 1/2" (12.5mm) 1
16J 203mm dia ASTM Sieve op 3/4" (19.0mm) 1
16K 203mm dia ASTM Sieve op 1" (25.0mm) 1
16L 203mm dia ASTM Sieve op 1.5" (37.5mm) 1
16M Lid and Receiver dia 203mm 1
16N 203mm dia ASTM Sieve op 12 (1.70mm) 1



i) Digital Balance 2
ii) Large Scale Balance 1
18 Core Drilling Machine (Petrol Engine Driven) 1


i) Specimen Cutting Machine with Diamond blade 1
ii) Wedge(not supplied) -


i) Water Measuring Jar(1000ml) 5
ii) Tray 3
iii) Thermometer 3


(i) Gloves 8
(ii) Boot 8
(iii) Safety Goggles 40
(iv) Helmets 20
(v) Masks 40
22 Water Distiller System (5ltr./Hr) 1
23 Ottawa Sand (50Ibs Bag as per ASTM C778) 3 Bags
24 Measuring Mould (1'x1'x1') 1
25 Hand Trowel (MS Pipe) 3
26 Bucket 1
27 Mug 1
28 Steel Pan(18" Dia) 1
29 Plastic Short Hand Shovel 1
30 Water Stopper 1

Dual Frame Compression Machine

Buoyancy Balance

Vicat Apparatus

Los Angeles Abrasion Machine

Digital Load Calibration Cell

Crack Detection Microscope

Concrete NDT Testing Schmidt Hammer

Blaine Apparatus with Accessories

Motorized Sieve Shaker and Standard Sieves

Slump Cone with Base Plate

Core Cutting Machine (Petrol Engine Driven)