External Transfers

Admission of Transfer Students

Transfer students (those with earned credits from previous university) are expected to have at least a 2.0 GPA in all university level courses to be considered for admission to NSU. Admission decisions are made by the Office of Admissions, not by the Department of CEE.

CEE Credit Transfer Policies

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering developed its credit transfer policies that incorporate the general principles and guidelines of
NSU-wide credit transfer policies.

The following policies apply to all transfer students to the Department of CEE at NSU who wish to transfer credits from other institutions:

  • The admissions of the Transfer students are managed by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. The CEE departmental credit transfer policies will only apply once a student admitted to NSU through Office of Undergraduate Admissions and has chosen CEE department and applied for credit transfer to the CEE department.
  • A student may transfer up to a maximum of 60 semester credit hours earned at previously attended colleges and universities to be counted toward a NSU degree in BSCEE under the CEE department.
  • Transfer students who wish to transfer credits from other universities or colleges must apply to the Department of CEE Program office.
  • Deadline for credit transfer application to the Department of CEE: last working day of the 3rd week from the beginning the semester
  • Applicants must submit following documents to apply for the credit transfer.
    • Completed Application for Credit Transfer form.
    • Official Transcript of the previously attended colleges and universities.
    • Complete syllabus of the course(s) that are applied for credit transfer.
  • In order to be eligible for transferring credits of a course, the earned grade of that course must satisfy the minimum grade requirements as per following table:

Credit transfer from

Minimum grade earned

National Public Universities

B or above

UGC Approved National Private Universities(10 Top in the UGC ranking list or BAETE accredited program)

A- or above

International Universities (must be accredited by country/regional accreditation agency)

B or above

Any ABET accredited program

C or above

  • The Equivalence Committee of the Department of CEE will evaluate the submitted applications for credit transfer once per semester. The committee may take advice from relevant course instructors, if deemed necessary.
  • The Equivalence Committee may require a student to appear for an equivalence exam (oral and/or written) of a course if deemed necessary.
  • Any decision by the Equivalence Committee regarding credit transfer will be the final.