About CEE

North South University (NSU) is the first private university in Bangladesh, established in 1992. All along its history, NSU has been considered as the best private university in Bangladesh and probably the only university in the region which strictly adheres to North American academic standards. All faculty members of this university are graduates of reputed universities worldwide, especially from USA, Canada, UK, Japan and Australia. At present there are sixteen academic departments there, under four major schools as; Business, Engineering and Physical Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Health and Life Sciences. The Civil and Environmental Engineering Department (CEED ) belongs to the School of Engineering and Physical Sciences.

Recently, NSU has taken initiative to strengthen its engineering school, making it as a full- edged school with all basic engineering programs. As part of it, civil and environmental engineering department was opened in 2013. In fact, back in 2003 a committee convened by honorable BoT member Benajir Ahmed proposed CEED, which later got approval of UGC in 2004 to launch B S in Civil and Environmental Engineering degree. Since then, there was always a demand from prospective students to study in the discipline.

NSU, however, took time and the real progress towards recruitment of students took a stride after the establishment of its state-of-the-art permanent campus at Bashundhara, where laboratory facilities and other infrastructures were possible to be built. Adequate time was taken here to ensure that a quality civil engineering program is designed with all the required facilities.

Civil engineering is considered as the oldest and the most classical form of engineering education, covering diverse elds. In fact, the history of civil engineering dates back to the history of civilization, and the earliest practice of civil engineering may had commenced between 4000 to 2000 BC in Mesopotamia and Egypt when humans started to abandon a nomadic existence, creating a need for the construction of shelter. In the academic arena, the term Civil Engineering was introduced to incorporate all engineering works for civilians as opposed to Military Engineering. Later, civil engineering was further divided into all the engineering disciplines that we see nowadays. It is thus considered as the mother of all engineering disciplines.

The main objective of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEED) at NSU is to provide and equip students with the highest level of technical competencies, social responsibility, leadership and lifelong learning skills for successful careers in civil engineering.