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Welcome to the website of Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEED) of NSU.Choosing the right academic program in tertiary level is a crucial step for your career and your life.We offer you a very high quality engineering degree and a unique opportunity to match engineering with the life you’ve always dreamed of achieving. Our engineering program will prepare you for success with core civil engineering knowledge, expert academic advising, world-class faculty, innovative learning and a dedication to career advancement.One of the major strengths of our department is its extremely qualified faculty members. From the very beginning, NSU is very selective and has recruited the best quality faculty members having Masters or PhD degrees from internationally renowned universities, mostly from North America. Some of the faculty members have vast industry experience along with active professional engineering license i.e. P.E. (USA) or P.Eng. (Canada). They mentor and provide all out help to our students so that they grow as professional civil engineers by acquiring appropriate knowledge and practical experiences, attending technical seminars and conferences and practicing leadership.

In a modern world, everybody is aware of critical infrastructure needs for society that range fromroads for safe and environmentally friendly transportation to buildings to buried pipelines for the distribution of clean water. In order to assure that public and private investments meet both our immediate and long-term needs, we must develop a sustainable mindset, innovative project management approaches and technologies that create our future built environment. As you may know, civil engineering is a broad field that applies engineering principles primarily to the public domain infrastructure, including transportation, water resources, buildings and other structures such as dams and bridges. Civil engineers plan, design and supervise the construction of facilities such as high-rise buildings, airports, roads, water treatment centers and sanitation plants. They balance the needs of society with technical and economic feasibility. NSU’s civil engineers work to achieve safe and sustainable development through “green” engineering.

By keeping up with the growing concerns over sustainability and environmental issues in the present world, the Civil and Environmental Engineering program has become the modern version of the classical Civil Engineering program in the academic arena. Globally, most famous universities have already changed the name of Civil Engineering degrees to Civil and Environmental Engineering. Our Bachelor of Science in Civil and Civil and Environmental Engineering (BSCEE) program is accredited by the University Grant Commission (UGC). The program strictly follows the guidelines given by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) of USA as well as by the Board of Accreditation of Engineering and Technical Education (BAETE) of Bangladesh. Our curriculum committee is constantly working with the external industry and academic experts on keeping the curriculum updated.NSU has a good number of laboratories such as Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs, CAD lab, GIS blab, Computing facilities, Environmental Modeling lab etc. NSU has generously allocated necessary resources to establish international standard Civil Engineering laboratory facilities with most up-to-date, sophisticated, and best quality instruments. Sixsuch new Civil Engineering labs have been prepared in a very spacious lab area.

As you know that Bangladesh is expected to take up huge infrastructure projects in this century; examples include elevated expressways, flyovers, metro-rail, subway, bus rapid transits, airports, expansion of railway service, deep-sea port, barrage etc. All such projects will require a large number of civil engineering graduates. In addition, there is a growing job market in abroad for the civil engineers as well. In the country, till now the maximum number of engineering job positions in the public sector are for civil engineering graduates. So, it can be assured that a civil engineering graduate of NSU will have a bright career in Bangladesh and abroad.

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