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Department of Law

About Us

The Department of Law at North South University strives to produce the next generation of Bangladesh’s most influential lawyers, judges, scholars, and activists.

Students of the undergraduate program in law (LLB Honors) are expected to complete a rigorous 137 credit hours in subjects that include the laws of Bangladesh, comparative law, and human rights.  A Master of Laws (LLM) program is expected to launch in 2017.

The Department of Law, however, is about much more than just learning the letter of the law. Great emphasis is placed on developing the students’ ability to analyze laws, develop an argument, communicate clearly, work as a team, and learn independently. Students are also taught to think critically about the current workings of the justice system and identify potential areas for reform.

Anyone interested in learning more about the department is invited to send an email to the chair at

Chair's Message

Let me be the first to extend a warm welcome from the Department of Law, North South University.  We appreciate that you have taken the time to learn more about us.

The Department of Law is new, but it has a very strong foundation.  Our students are passionate and academically curious, all of our faculty members are legal experts who are dedicated to research and teaching excellence, and we are beginning to forge relationships with some of the most influential lawyers and institutions in Bangladesh.

The main goal of the Department of Law is to provide a Common Law based legal education to the students with a view to produce the best lawyers, judges and academcis who will be able to attain the leading positions in their respective sectors at home and abroad.  To us, this means that our students will not just be well versed in the laws of Bangladesh, but also critical thinkers who will pioneer the development and implementation of innovative, efficient, and just initiatives nationally and internationally. 

As we grow, we hope to continue to attract the best and brightest students, build an unparalleled faculty, and partner with brilliant legal scholars and practitioners in Bangladesh and around the world.






Major & Minor


Publications & Journals


  • Wrote a thesis (later published as an article), titled: The Question of the Constitutional Case Against Suicide: An Historiographical and Originalist Inquiry into the Degree to Which the Theory of the Inalienable Right to Life and Liberty Is Enforced by the Thirteenth Amendment (26 Iss. in Law & Med. 91) (2010).
  • More History “Lite” in Modern American Bioethics (21 Iss. in Law & Med. 3) (2005). 
  • The Healing Philosopher: John Locke’s Medical Ethics (20 Iss. in Law & Med. 103) (2004).
  • History “Lite” in Modern American Bioethics (19 Iss. in Law & Med. 45) (2003).
  • History “Lite” in Modern American “Gay Studies” (22 Religion & Soc’y Rep. 1) (2005).
  • All of the above writings constitute about 130,000 words of scholarly works that have been published.
  • Wrote a large (over 16,000 words) draft article, Dealing with the Problem of Unpaid Interns and Nonprofit/Profit-Neutral Newsmagazines: A Legal Argument that Balances the Rights of America’s Hardworking Interns with the Needs of America’s Hardworking News Gatherers, for Maurice S. Pianko, Esq.  Eventually, Pianko obtained publication offers from the flagship law review of the Ohio Northern University, Claude W. Pettit College of Law, and from the Rutgers Law Record (a non-flagship law review of Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, School of Law—Newark) and the Tennessee Journal of Law and Policy (a non-flagship law review of the University of Tennessee College of Law).  Pianko accepted the offer from the Rutgers Law Record.


  • Wrote a short article for National Review Online, titled, Dead Presidents: Bioethics as Wish Fulfillment, published on January 5, 2006.  See for the article itself.  The article is approximately 1,330 words long.
  • Wrote a letter to the editor published in the New York Times (in the Sunday Times, in the “Week in Review” section, at page 11, on August 6, 2006).



  • Served as a peer reviewer for volume 22 (in the year 2006) of Issues in Law & Medicine.  Reviewed a very scholarly article on the long history of anti-abortion laws in Britain and America.
  • Served as a peer reviewer for volume 23 (in the year 2007) of Issues in Law & Medicine.  Reviewed a very scholarly article on the legal status of abortion in the United States were Roe v. Wade to be overturned.
  • Served as lead researcher for Ramesh Ponnuru in 2005 as he wrote The Party of Death: The Democrats, the Media, the Courts, and the Disregard for Human Life (Regnery, 2006).
  • Served as a researcher/reader for two chapters in Jonah Goldberg’s New York Times best-selling Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning (Doubleday, 2007).
  • Served as a researcher/reader for several chapters in Richard Lowry’s work of Lincoln biography: Lincoln Unbound: How an Ambitious Young Rail-Splitter Saved the American Dream—and How We Can Do It Again (HarperCollins, 2013).  (Richard Lowry is the Editor-in-Chief of National Review magazine.)
  • Served as a peer reviewer for volume 29 (in the year 2014) of Issues in Law & Medicine.  Reviewed an article on Canadian Constitutional Law.



“The Metaphysical Natural Right-State of Life-Liberty” Paper (of roughly 85 pages in length) delivered at the 1999 Ohio University Student Conference on Applied Ethics, November 6, 1999.

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Office & Services

Grading Policy


Faculty Members

Susmita Rahman [SSR2]

Lecturer (Part Time)
LL.M, Northumbria University, U.K

Tanha Zarrin Ahmed [TZA]

Lecturer (Part Time)
LL.M, University of London, U.K

Farzana Binte Razzaque [FBR]

Lecturer (Part Time)
LL.M, City University London, UK

Sakif Alam [SKA1]

Lecturer (Part Time)
M.A., Carleton University, Canada


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