Earth Club

Earth Club of North South University is social club maintained by the students. The club was founded in the year 1996 by a group of enthusiastic students of North South University bearing some of the most innovative and creative minds. Earth club works for the betterment of the environment. The main objective of the club is to raise awareness by means of workshops, seminars, environmental events and even by celebrating certain important international dates related to the environment such as ‘The Earth Day’, ‘World Environment Day’, etc.

The club holds certain events throughout the year, which are:

  • A Tree for Free
  • Plants for The Future
  • Environmental School Campaign
  • Encounters
  • Champions of Earth
  • Day-Long & Week-Long Eco Trips

Earth Club also has an annual publication called “Green Reflections” which consists some insights, stories, facts and condition of the world’s environment.

Faculty Advisor
Haniyum Maria Khan
Mohammad Adeeb Sharif
Taiseer Ahsan
General Secretary
Shanewaz Kabir Shuvo
Joint Secretary
Humaiara Lubna
Secretary Publications & Publicity
Hasan Mahmud Maruf
Muhammad Saadman Zia