Law & Mooting Club

North South University Law & Mooting Society (NSULMS) is the only club of North South University which conducts and arranges the activities related with law. The Society is a student organization devoted to the development of excellence in advocacy and legal knowledge. In pursuing this goal, the Society shall require the highest standard both as a condition of earning membership and as a condition of maintaining membership. The Society shall afford all qualified students the opportunity to participate in advocacy related activities.

North South University Law and Mooting Society (NSULMS) was established on 16 April 2017.

  • Select, train, and prepare exceptional groups of law students to become efficient legal practitioners.
  • Organise Mooting competitions and facilitate participation in external competitions.
  • Provide students with additional training and experience in written and oral advocacy.
  • Encourage students to involve in the social development and bring a change in the society by taking. part in activities including but not limited to Street law, Youth Parliament, and legal clinics.
  • Foster and promote a culture of advocacy excellence within Department of Law of the North South University.
  • Promote relationships and co-operation between law firms and other legal organizations.
Signature Events
  • Bangladesh Law Students’ Symposium
  • NSULMS Street Law and Community Lawyering
  • NSU Law Fest
  • Intra NSULMS Moot Court Competition
Figure : EB Members