Athletics Club

North South University Athletics Club (NSUAC) since its establishment in 1995 have been maneuvering all the sports affairs of North South University. The club started with the name of North South University Sports Club which later was changed to the present name on Spring 2016. It's been 24 years of NSUAC since its birth and is one of the oldest clubs of NSU. The club has represented NSU at many Inter University sports events in different sports and have brought prestige for NSU in terms of sports.

The objective of NSUAC is to bring out the sports talents of NSU to spot light and prepare them well enough to represent NSU at the Inter University level through sports. Following this objective NSUAC has been successful since its journey. NSUAC represented NSU at various sporting event and walked out as champions. NSU have been champion in sports tournaments like Cricket, Football, Badminton, Table tennis, Basketball in many occasions.  

NSUAC basically has six main events annually alongside some other small ones. All these events have been very effective in finding out all the sports talents in NSU.

NSU Cricket League (NCL): NCL is a cricket tournament with two categories. One where all the other clubs participate to showcase their expertise in cricket. The other one is for the staffs and faculties of NSU where they participate department wise.

NSU Football League (NFL): NFL is one of the most glorious events of NSUAC where all the clubs participate and battle it out to bring glory for their club in football. Since 2017 NSUAC has managed to arrange a female segment in this event.

NSU Shuttle Masters: NSU Shuttle Masters is an intra NSU badminton tournament. This event has two segments, one for the students and the other for the faculties and staffs. The participants can take part there in men's single, men’s double, women's single, women's double and mixed double category.

NSU Intra Batch Cricket Tournament: This is a proper T20 cricket tournament. The most recent six batches of NSU makes their team and participate in the tournament. The batches are divided their admission year wise.

NSU Intra Batch Football Tournament: This is a football tournament among the most recent six batches of NSU. This and the intra batch cricket are similar to each other just the sport changes basically.

NSU Sports Carnival: NSU Sports Carnival Is the largest sporting event in NSU arranged by NSUAC. This event is consisting of five sports which are table-tennis, basketball, badminton, football and cricket. NSUAC is planning to make this even larger from this year by pushing NSU Sports Carnival to Inter University level.

Other than this tournament we also arrange award distribution ceremonies for the athletes of NSU known as “Night of the Knights”.

Organizing all these events every year is a huge and tough task. Keeping this in mind we recruit members for the club thrice every year at the beginning of the semester. Members are recruited through personal interview and the best and dedicated are chosen to be a part of the journey of NSUAC, which becomes more of a family to them then club later on.

Being one of the first clubs of NSU, North South University Athletics Club is now running on full throttle and trying to develop at every single step and fulfil its objective. The efficient members work their heart out to uphold and protect the glory of the name “North South University Athletics Club”.

Faculty Advisor
Md. Mehedi Hasan
Lecturer, Department of English & modern Language
Imtiaz Kabir
Afroza Akhter Oshin
Abdul Kader Jilany
Khondoker Mohammed Fahim
Joint Secretary
Helal Uddin
Joint Secretary
Belal Uddin