Communications Club

North South University Communications Club is a haven to celebrate the art of literary and verbal communication. Previously known as the English Club of North South University, we rebranded ourselves as Communications Club back in 2015 in order to accommodate unique individuals from diverse fields.

NSUCC frequently hosts member development workshops and seminars that enable the students to become better public speakers and greater writers. NSUCC welcomes readers. NSUCC focuses on writing, public speaking, journalism, public relations and more- it allows one to develop his skills to express himself professionally using creativity.

NSUCC is behind one of the prominent magazines of North South University, English Matters. It is the only magazine written, designed and published by students. English Matters allows the aspiring writers of North South University to view their musings in print and it inspires them to learn more. NSUCC organizes various other events such as Vocal Project, Wordshop, Litcon, Annual Public Speaking Competition, Masquerade Medley and more.

The activities of NSUCC aren’t restrained to Bangladesh. Our members participate in the Asian English Olympics every year, highlighting our nation on an international platform. We have won 3 gold medals in 2017 and 2 medals in 2018. NSUCC is more than just a club, it is a home for intellect and enlightenment. We aim to build up talented and well-versed scholars to conquer the world of communication and beyond.

Faculty Advisor
Naveed Islam
Lecturer, Department of English & Modern Language
Ali Sadman Sakib
Sohana Hassan
General Secretary
Kazi Sabita Ehsan
Joint Secretary
Bellal Hossain
Labib Mostaque Khan