Finance Club

NSU Finance Club is a co-curricular club under the Department of Accounting and Finance for the undergraduate students of North South University, School of Business and Economics (NSU SBE). It was founded on August 26, 2014 with the mission to provide a platform to the undergraduate students of NSU for the development of their personal and professional skills, irrespective of their chosen discipline. NSU Finance Club is currently 116 members rich, and it actively caters to the development needs of these members through member development programs like 'Talk 101', 'Enliven' and 'Rev-Up'. Despite being a very young club, NSU Finance Club has already successfully organized quite a few university-wide events like 'Optimity- National investment and portfolio management competition', 'Blueprints-First national financial modeling competition of Bangladesh', 'Excelsior – An intra-university skill development program', 'Excellence Beyond Borders – A seminar on the various higher study opportunities abroad in the field of Finance', 'Find Your Bearing', 'Bangladesh Finance Symposium', 'Business Competition Hacks', 'Introduction to the CFA Program' and 'Competition Grooming Sessions'. NSU Finance Club has also successfully published 'Bull and Bear', an annual financial magazine that pursues the current trends of the financial system in the context of Bangladesh. In a small period of time NSU Finance Club has made noticeable achievements and is working on providing more interactive platforms for the undergraduate students to develop their cognitive and intellectual skills.

Faculty Advisor
Mr. Muhammad Nasiruddin
Md. Safwat Rayeed Hasan
General Secretary
Neaz Mohammed Chowdhury
Md. Faisal Hannan Chy
Vice President, Operations
Bappy Abdin
Vice President, Internal Affairs
Dipa Sultana
Vice President, External Affairs
Alimul Shafayat