Young Economists Forum (YEF)

The Young Economists' Forum (YEF) was conceived in 1998 as North South University's first academic club. Since its inception, the club has continued to be an embodiment of the creativity and the exuberant spirit of the youth. It provides a base for nurturing young talent and a platform to exercise creativity in unison while typifying an environment for youth empowerment. The Young Economists’ Forum has achieved a great deal since its foundation. Students who join the Forum actively take part in various skill- development workshops to hone their innate talents and develop practical skills; the club also gives them a formal structure to express their innovative ideas on numerous social and economic issues key to Bangladesh. The club organizes events and seminars throughout the year to provide resourceful insights to the students regarding economic issues. It also hosts competitions with other universities where the participants are encouraged to engage in analysis and policy dialogue. The academic nature of the club is evident in its publications-- the Equilibrium, and the YEF Chronicle. Both magazines contain write ups by students from the member base alongside students of various universities, interviews from eminent personalities and detailed feature stories, all with a focus on Economics and interrelated disciplines. The repertoire of YEF’s events includes EconProdigy, EconFest, and Budget Talk.

Faculty Advisor
Ms Azreen Benazir Abdullah
Farhat Adiba Anika

Tazwar Hussain

General Secretary
Chowdhury Wafee Daraiat 

Joint Secretary 
Rabea Ahmed