Advice on Finding Work

Guideline on Finding Work:

The Career and Placement Center provides all sorts of counseling needed for students’ career growth. The Job Counselor avails individual as well as group counselling sessions for grooming the students and directing them towards their career path. The sessions not only help boost confidence but also aims to prepare them for their future. Students are always welcome to seek help and guidance throughout the process of building a career in any discipline.


Your Career Journey:

Are you headed along the right path to your dream career? Like any adventure, your career journey is certain to be much more exciting and satisfying if you have a destination in mind. When you are focused and know your strengths and interests, you can target the industries, organizations, and positions that best match your talents and personality.

Your immediate goal should be to make the best career choices possible at this point in your life. Keep in mind, it’s only natural that your dreams and aspirations may change over time. Changing interests and personal circumstances, combined with the rapidly evolving nature of the world of work, will require you to make numerous career-related decisions throughout your lifetime.

Career Placement Center of North South University helps to show you that path towards the right career. It helps you to meet all the requirements needed for you before you are starting a job or looking for a Job. Career Placement Center helps you in various ways. These are as follows:

  • Discover The Real You

    Career Placement Center helps you in self-assessment. Self-assessment requires a hard look at yourself and an honest evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses. It is one of the most challenging pieces of the career puzzle, but also one of the most important.

  • Explore the Options

    Exploring the options is very important. Familiarity with different career fields, and knowing the responsibilities and skills required for different jobs, will help you determine options which are compatible with your interests, values and skills. Career Placement Center helps one to find out different options regarding career and make life easier.

  • Know the Job Market

    Through different sessions and seminars Career Placement Center helps out students to acquire knowledge about the current scenario of the job market and it helps the students so much that the fear they have before their first job stays no more. The more they know about industry and occupational trends, the better they can assess what skills and qualifications employers are seeking, evaluate their odds of entry and success, and learn how to market yourself.