Services provided to students

North South University Career and Placement Center is currently providing the following services:

  • Resume Automation:
    Students can create their own resume using CPC’s computer generated resume automation system (Work in Progress).
  • Resume Checking:
    The resume is the most important marketing tool for your job and internship search. Does your resume present your skills and qualifications most effectively for the types of positions you are seeking? The Career Placement Center offers sessions that help and make sure that your resume is in top shape. Students can get their resumes checked by CPC’s experienced Job counselor.
  • Grooming Sessions/Seminars/Workshops:

    There are sessions regarding the dress code, interview and post interview follow up. This thing helps a lot as you are groomed in the best possible way. As a part of this, Career Placement Center Conducts Grooming Sessions each semester where you are prepared for the corporate world. There are no limits for these sessions. Whenever we feel there is a necessity for these sessions to prepare you we conduct this event.

  • Mock Interviews:
    Students can book Mock Interview sessions where they can get feedback for improving their interview skills.
  • Career Counseling:
    Students can receive counseling services, where they can get answers of queries regarding their careers.
  • Global Job Portal:
    The Global Job Portal is a platform where students can get updates of suitable jobs available abroad.
  • On Campus Recruitment:
    The On-Campus Recruitment program provides current North South University students the opportunity to interview with employers who visit the Career Placement Center during the Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters. Full-time jobs and paid summer internships are primarily offered through the program.
  • Available Vacancy Announcements/ Internship Opportunities:
    Students can get updates of vacancy announcements and Internship opportunities from renowned companies.
  • IELTS/GRE/GMAT and Excel Boot Camp: North South University’s Career and Placement Center has also introduced courses such as IELTS, GRE, GMAT for students. CPC also facilitates few professional skill development courses like Excel Boot Camp, Japanese Language Course etc. Students can improve their skills (e.g.- Microsoft, Excel) and receive certificates after completing these courses conducted by highly experienced course instructors of North South University.


Services provided to employers

  • Facilitate on-campus recruitment Career and Placement Center, NSU helps to organize on-campus recruitment for different organizations willing to recruitment employees for their vacant positions. This recruitment process is not limited to the current students of NSU but alumni are also welcome, in order to benefit the employers with more experienced candidates.
  • Provides CV collection and screening services Career and Placement Center, NSU helps organizations by assisting with their recruitment process. Any organization approaching with the need of applicants for internship or job, gets the help of the Job Counselor, who liberally sorts the CVs according to the requirements placed by the organizations. Many organizations have taken the service and were satisfied with the outcomes.
  • Promote vacancy announcements of organizations Career and Placement Center actively promotes the vacancy announcements through their official Facebook page to reach the students faster. Different organizations approach CPC for internship and job vacancy and CPC helps them to get huge coverage and gather as many responses as possible.
  • Facilitate career related events and seminars Career and Placement Center helps organizations to promote and campaign for events serving different purposes. CPC accommodates them by providing rooms for seminars, booths for promotions and other different facilities allowed my NSU.
  • Organize National Career Fair (NCF) Career and Placement Center organizes the National Career Fair that provides opportunity for different organizations and students to come together in a platform where they can communicate actively about their needs and requirements of the corporate world and also hire their desired candidate immediately.