Seminar on Mechine Learning for Applied Science and Engineering

27th December, 2017

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, North South University has organized a seminar on “Machine Learning for Applied Science and Engineering” hosted by Mr. Fokruddin Ahmad, Lecturer, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, NSU. The speaker of the seminar was Kazi Tamaddun, PhD Candidate, University of Nevada, U.S.A

Main Objective of this Seminar

Trying to get to know how nature behaves is very innate to humans. Our endeavor is not that different. Kazi Tamaddun, a Ph.D. student in civil and environmental engineering, shares his research on predicting natural disaster through computational and numerical modeling techniques here in NSU. He is working on changing the way humans understand climate variability in oceanic-atmospheric systems across the continental U.S. and the Indian subcontinent with the help of artificial intelligence. His works with artificial neural networks and complex algorithms, which are mathematical ways to simulate the learning process of human brains. They want to train the machines to learn about the detected patterns observed in the obtained hydroclimatic data. This research could one day increase confidence in predicting extreme climate events and provide sustainable solutions to future challenges in water resources management.