Seminar on Project Management and Its Importance in Civil Engineering

2nd October, 2018

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (DCEE) in collaboration with the Civil and Environmental Engineering Student Association (CEESA) organized a seminar on “Project Management and Its Importance in Civil Engineering” which was held on Tuesday, October 2, 2018 from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM at AUDI-801. Dr. Hasan Mushtaq, P.E., Ph.D., CFM, M.ASCE (a flood plain manager with the City of Phoenix, Arizona, USA) was the keynote speaker. Dr. Mohammad Nazmul Islam, Professor & Chair, DCEE began the seminar by welcoming the speaker and audience; and Dr. Nazmun Nahar, Associate Professor, DCEE, moderated the seminar. A large number of CEESA members as well as DCEE faculty members including Dr. Javed Bari, Professor, DCEE; Dr. Md. Shoaib Chowdhury, Associate Professor, DCEE & Faculty Advisor, CEESA, and Mr. Md. Tousif Rahman, Lecturer, DCEE attended the seminar.

In his speech, Dr. Hasan Mushtaq presented the management processes involved in initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing a project. He also talked about ten project management knowledge areas and emphasized the importance of developing project management skills for the civil engineering professionals.

The seminar provided an excellent opportunity for the audience to directly interact with the speaker through a question and answer session. Finally, Dr. Md. Shoaib Chowdhury, Associate Professor, DCEE and the Faculty Advisor, CEESA concluded the seminar by thanking the speaker for his lively presentation and the audience for their active participations.