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MPH/ EMPH Admission Information for Fall 2022_Revised

MPH & EMPH Admission: Fall  2022 is open now
Application Deadline: 16 August 2022

Admission Test: 19 August 2022
Apply Online:

NSU MPH Sample Question 



Master of Public Health

School of Health & Life Sciences

North South University

 Many prospective students want to know about the MPH program in the Department of Public Health of North South University. I will be trying to answer some of the frequently asked questions related to the MPH program at North South University.


Question-1: When the application for admission is invited?

 Answer: NSU provides three admission intakes in a year, namely Spring, Summer, and Fall. The Spring semester classes start in January, Summer in May, and Fall in September of the respective year. The applications are invited usually two months before the start of the classes. Thus, the Spring Semester application is invited in November of the preceding year, for the Summer semester in March, and for the Fall semester in July of the respective year.


Question-2: How to get the information about the application announcement (beginning date of accepting application and last date of application)?

 Answer: Application-related information is published on the Department's websites, Facebook page/groups, and newspaper.

Websites address:

Facebook page:

Facebook group:


Question-3: What is the procedure of application for admission?

 Answer: Applications are accepted online by the office of the graduate studies

( The application portal is You need to create an account and complete the application procedure as prompted. BDT 1500/= is required to be deposited as application processing fees via bKash.


Question-4: What are the admission requirements?

 Answer: Four years of bachelor’s degree in any discipline (Health Sciences, social sciences, biological sciences, and any other discipline) is required to apply for MPH in NSU. A CGPA of 2.75 or equivalent is required to apply.


 Question-5: Is any job experience required for the application?

 Answer: No job experience is required for MPH.


Question-6: Can anyone apply during an internship after passing MBBS or BDS?

Answer: Yes, interns can apply for MPH.

Question-7: If a candidate passed the bachelor’s degree but did not have the degree certificate, can she/he apply for MPH?

 Answer: Yes, they can apply but need to submit the certificate three months after admission.


Question-8: Is there any admission test for acceptance in the MPH program?

 Answer: Yes, if the campus is open, a written admission test is taken in-campus followed by a viva. In case the campus is not open during the ongoing pandemic situation, a virtual viva is taken.


Question-9: What are the topics covered in the admission tests?

 Answer: Admission tests cover basic health knowledge, general knowledge, Basic English knowledge, basic quantitative aptitude, comprehension, and analytical skills. Sample questions are available on request by the department.

 Question-10: What is the passing score in the admission test?

 Answer: It depends on a variety of factors. The minimum score for passing is 60%.

 Question-11: What will happen after passing the admission test?

 Answer: An offer letter will be issued from the department, and once the students accept the offer letter, the the department will contact them for further admission procedure. These include payment of admission fees, orientation, course advising for the first semester, cost of the tuition fees, etc.

 Question-12: If a student wants to defer the admission, what is the procedure?

 Answer: A student can defer his/her admission for one semester by written application and get admission in the subsequent semester with a deferral fee of BDT 5,000/=.

 Question-13: What are the tuition and other related fees for the MPH program in NSU?

 Answer: NSU authority is very much aware of the nature of students in its MPH program. The tuition fees have been kept lower than the usual NSU tuition structure by BDT 2000/= per credit (BDT 4,500/= per credit for MPH compared to BDT 6,500/= per credit in other programs). Thus, for a 52-credit program, BDT 104,000/= is waived for all MPH students in NSU. Admission fees are BDT 31,000/= (BDT 10,000/= is refundable after the degree), and course tuition fees are payable by semester for the number of credits registered by a student.

Question-14: How many credits are required to complete an MPH degree in NSU?

 Answer: NSU MPH is 52 credits program with six core courses (18 credits), internship/field practice, three credits (mandatory), ten credits thesis (mandatory), three major courses (9 credits), and 12 credits elective.


Question-15: What are the major areas offered in the NSU MPH program?

 We offer majors in Epidemiology, Hospital Management, Reproductive and Child Health, Public Health Nutrition, Health Service Management and Development, and Non-communicable disease.


Question-16: Does a student need to declare a Major at the admission?

 Answer: No, we do not ask for or assign a major to students at admission. After completion of the first semester, the major is chosen by the students in consultation with the faculty advisor.


Question-17: Is there any scope to take a double major by the students?

 Answer: Yes, students can choose a second major as per their choice.


Question-18: How to choose elective courses?

 Answer: Elective courses are chosen by the students from a list of courses offered by the department outside the core and major courses for a particular student. Faculty members are available to consult in choosing elective courses.


Question-19: What is the duration of the MPH course in NSU?

 Answer: The duration is flexible and can the customized by the students as per their convenience. Usually, students complete the program in 20-24 months (5-6 semesters). However, it can be completed in less time, or students can take more time, as high as 36 months.

 Question-20: Is there any minimum credit limit for advising in a semester?

 Answer: Usually, students advise 3 to 4 courses (9-12 credits) in a semester. However, exceptions can be allowed for students with specific reasons.


Question-21: What is the class timing for the MPH program?

 Answer: Classes are held on Fridays (07:30 am to 09:00 pm) and weekdays Sunday thru Thursday (06:00 to 09:00 pm). No classes on Saturdays. Students can choose their convenient timing for classes.


Question-22: Are there any course waiver options for students?

 Answer: Students can apply for a course waiver (do not need to advise) for one elective course with proper supporting documents.

Question-23: Is there any scholarship opportunity for students?

Answer: NSU offers a generous merit-based scholarship for its students. For details, please visit the office of financial aid (


Question-24: Is thesis mandatory for MPH in NSU?

Answer: Yes, the thesis is mandatory for all students.


Question-25: Who are the faculty members in the department?

 The department has a team of highly competent full-time faculty members trained in top ranking Universities in North America, Australia, Europe, and Asia ( A number of equally competent adjunct faculty members also teach in the MPH program. For the full list of faculty members, please contact the department.


Question-26: What are the job prospects for NSU MPH graduates?

Answer: Our alumni are employed in UN organizations and international and national organizations at home and abroad.


Question-27: What are the further higher education prospects for NSU MPH graduates?

 Answer: Our graduates are accepted in all top Universities for Ph.D. and master’s, leading to Ph.D. programs worldwide.


Question-28: Is the NSU MPH program is recognized by BMDC?

 Answer: No, the NSU MPH degree is not recognized by BMDC. However, the degree is approved by the University Grant Commission (UGC) of the Government of Bangladesh.


Question-29: If the MPH of NSU is not recognized by BMDC, what are the problems?

 Answer: BMDC recognition may only be required by a few government jobs in Bangladesh. But for other national and international organizations do not ask for BMDC recognition. Also, BMDC recognition is not necessary for further higher education anywhere in the world. However, if someone needs BMDC, recognition should search for appropriate options.


Question-30: Is there any research opportunity in NSU while studying?

 Answer: Students have opportunities to work as Graduate Teaching Assistants and Research Assistants with faculty members.


Question-31: Who to contact for any information?

Mostafizur Rahman, Department Secretary


Phone: +880-2-55668200, Extn-1937

Mariam Zamila, Program Officer


Phone: +880-2-55668200, Extn-6420


 Application Helpline: 01614271717(9 am to 5 pm) E-mail:
Office of Graduate Studies Room no. NAC 646 North Academic Building North South University

Phone-+880255668200 ext. 1062 /6463