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Welcome to the Department of Economics

Welcome to the NSU Department of Economics which is housed within the School of Business and Economics.

Established as one of the first three departments of North South University in 1992, the Department of Economics is widely considered as one of the top economics departments in Bangladesh. The department is home to 33 full time faculty members including 15 PhD faculty members who contribute to build well reputed undergraduate and graduate programs in the country. All faculty members have outstanding academic records in their Masters and PhD degrees from top ranked Universities world-wide. Faculty members also continue to engage in academic research activities along with their excellent teaching performance.

Availability of a diverse expertise of faculty members in the department allows us to offer a variety of courses to accommodate students’ specific interests and needs that will help achieve their career goals, both academic and non-academic. Consequently, a high demand for graduates from our department by employers both in the public and the private sectors has evolved over time leading to a 100 percent job placement. Furthermore, placement of our well-trained graduates in the top-tier Universities in the U.S.A., Canada, U.K. and Australia for higher studies is a testament to the quality of the programs. It is important to note that our programs are the first economics programs in Bangladesh that are accredited by ACBSP, USA.

As a supplement to the classroom learning, students have access to the University computer system with statistical packages such as Eviews, Stata and R that aids their learning.  The entire university campus is covered by WiFi network.  It is also under the CCTV surveillance Camera that enhances the security of the campus.

The department takes pride in being student-focused where students are our first priority. The department hosts the Young Economists Forum, which is a vibrant co-curricular student organization and has shown to be one of the best student clubs of the Economics Departments in the country. The club organizes various co-curricular events and invites high-calibre internal and external speakers to present on a variety of topics.  Students can also get involved in other student clubs at NSU to suit their individual interest.

The department currently offers the following programs:

1. BS in Economics
2. BBA in Economics (housed in School of Business and Economics)
3. MS in Economics
4. Master in Development Studies

It should be noted that BS in Economics has two streams of students, temporarily- those who enrolled before Summer 2015 Semester and those who enrolled in Summer 2015 Summer Semester and afterwards. Accordingly, there exists two curricula for these two group of students.


Prof. M. Ismail Hossain
Chair, Department of Economics
Ph.D., University of Toronto
MA, University of Toronto


Teaching Assistantship/Financial Aid

A limited number of Teaching Assistantships are available for highly qualified students. The value of the assistantship may cover most part of the tuition at NSU. NSU also offers both full and half-tuition waiver to at least 5% of its students.  Students enrolled in MS may apply for such tuition waiver.

Evening and weekend Classes

To fit the needs of the working students MS in economics is made an evening and weekend program and in weekdays most of the courses (except for make-up courses) are taught after 6.30 pm.


The Department offers three specializations for students of MS in Economics:

  • International Economics
  • Financial Economics & Banking
  • Development Economics
  • Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
  • Econometrics



The department currently offers the following undergrad programs :


The department currently offers the following Grad programs :

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Major & Minor




Graduate Student Advisor:

M. Ismail Hossain
Phone: 55668200x1800


Research and Thesis

Ongoing undergraduate research & Thesis:

Growth Environment Relationship: Evidence from Data on South Asia ECO 495-Research Paper
An Insight into the Resilience of Bangladeshi Economy during the Global Economic Downturn of 2007-2009 ECO 495-Research Paper
Reduction in Income Inequality ECO 495-Research Paper
A critical examination of Development Plans of BD: Prospects & Challenges ECO 495-Research Paper
Does Corruption Enhance Inequality? Evidence from Panel Data ECO 495-Research Paper
Population: Effect on the Economic Development of Less Developed Countries ECO 495-Research Paper
Impact of Overseas Remittance on the Social Welfare of BD ECO 495-Research Paper
Modernizing Tax Administration of BD: Lesson from International Practices ECO 495-Research Paper
Growth Without Development: A Comparative Analysis of Social Impact of GDP Growth on BD & Pakistan ECO 495-Research Paper
Examining the Real Wage of Garment Workers in BD ECO 495-Research Paper
Impact of World Oil Price Shocks on domestic Inflation: An Empirical Examination for selected Asian Countries ECO 495-Research Paper
Stimulating Demand Efficiently- An Economic Analysis of the Decisions of a Rational Marketer ECO 499-Thesis
The Impact of Fundamental Macroeconomic Variables on DSE Stock Price Index ECO 495-Research Paper
Forecasting the Volatility of call money rate using GARCH models1 ECO 495-Research Paper
Gender Responsive Budgeting: A Pathway to Socio-Economic Welfare for women ECO 495-Research Paper
Post-Harvest Management: A new Dimension of Agriculture-Packaging ECO 495-Research Paper
Forecast of International Tourism in BD: No. of Tourists Inflow & Earnings from Tourism ECO 495-Research Paper
Bond Market in BD: A Critical Review ECO 495-Research Paper
Does Globalization Lower Income Inequality? A panel data analysis ECO 495-Research Paper
FDI and its impact on Economic Growth & Income Inequality: A case for BD ECO 495-Research Paper
Basel II Implementation and its effect on SME Loan Disbursement in BD ECO 495-Research Paper
Monetary Policy Responses for tackling Inflationary Momentum in BD ECO 495-Research Paper
Effect of Remittances on Economic Growth -An Analysis of BD ECO 495-Research Paper
Whether Inflation Granger Causes Stock Market return or stock market return granger causes inflation in BD ECO 495-Research Paper
Underground Economy of Illegal Drugs in Rajshahi ECO 495-Research Paper
Problems of Jute Industry in BD: A Critical Review ECO 495-Research Paper
Relationship between Geography and Economic Development ECO 495-Research Paper
Financial Monitoring & Predicting Crisis : A non-Parametric Approach ECO 495-Research Paper
The Political motives of Official Development Aid-The Case of US aid to Pakistan ECO 495-Research Paper
Poverty-Environment Nexus Policies for Promoting Synergic Relationships ECO 495-Research Paper
Change in the Labor Status with the Structural Transformation of BD Economy ECO 495-Research Paper
Asymmetrinc Information and Market Failure ECO 495-Research Paper
Examining the linkage between Oil Prices & Stock Prices ECO 495-Research Paper
Measuring the size of the informal sector in BD ECO 495-Research Paper


For information please contact:

Department of Economics
North South University
Plot # 15, Block - B
Bashundhara R/A

Baridhara, Dhaka-1229
Phone: 55668200 Ext. 1814/1815

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Grading Policy

Tuition Fees


Dr. M. Ismail Hossain [MIH]

Professor & Chair
Ph.D., University of Toronto, Canada
M.A., University of Toronto, Canada

Dr. A. K. M. Atiqur Rahman [AtR]

Ph.D.,University of Houston, USA
M.A., University of Houston, USA

Dr. Gour Gobinda Goswami [GrG]

Professor of Economics and Treasurer, NSU (On Lien)
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA

Dr. A. F. M. Ataur Rahman [AAR]

Ph.D., American University, USA
M.A., American University, USA

Dr. Mustafa Abdur Rahman [Muf]

Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Western, Australia
M.A., Vanderbilt University, USA

Dr. Salma Begum Rahman [SBm]

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Kentucky, USA
M.S., National University of Singapore, Singapore

Dr. Ahmed Tazmeen [ATn]

Assistant Professor (On Leave)
Ph.D., University of Manitoba, Canada
M.S., Illinois State University, USA

Dr. Ahsanuzzaman [Zas]

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA
M. A., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA

Dr. Mausumi Mahapatro Khan (MMK)

Assistant Professor (On Leave)
Ph.D., SOAS, University of London, UK
M.S.S., London School of Economics, UK

Dr. Asad Karim Khan Priyo [AKP]

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Toronto, Canada
M. A., York University, Canada

Dr. Sakib-Bin-Amin [SBn]

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Durham University, UK
M.Sc., University of Essex, UK

Dr. Kanti Ananta Nuzhat [KNz]

Assistant Professor (On Leave)
Ph.D., Monash University, Australia
MA., York University, Canada

Dr. Mainul Islam Chowdhury [MCw]

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Northern Illinois Univerisity, USA
MA., Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada

Dr. Syed Mortuza Asif Ehsan [SME]

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Virginia Tech University, USA
MA., Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, USA

Dr. Rushde Elahi Akbar [REA]

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., York University, Canada
M.A., York University, Canada

Dr. Samiul Haque [SHq1]

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Purdue Univerisity, USA
BA., Wabah College, USA

Mr. Syed Iftekharul Huq [Stq]

Senior Lecturer
M.A., Indiana University-Bloomington, USA
B.A., University of Texas-Austin, USA

Ms. Raisa Afsana [RsA]

Senior Lecturer
M.Sc.,Tufts University, USA

Ms. Humaira Husain [HHn]

Senior Lecturer
M. Sc., University of Nottingham, UK

Ms. Chowdhury Nawsheen Farooqui [CNQ]

Senior Lecturer
M.A., York University, Canada

Mr. Abdul Mumit [Abt]

Senior Lecturer
M. Phil., University of Cambridge, UK

Ms. Parisa Shakur [PSk]

M.Sc., London School of Economics (LSE), UK
B.Sc., School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS), UK

Mr. Nuheen Mahmud Khan [NMh]

M.A., University of British Columbia,Canada
B.A., Honours University of British Columbia, Canada

Ms. Nazneen Imam [Nnm]

M.Sc., London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), UK

Ms. Farzana Alamgir [Fzn]

M.A., Carleton University, Canada

Ms. Azreen Benazir Abdullah [ABA]

Lecturer (On Leave)
Masters of Economics University of Melbourne, Australia

Mr. Muntasir Mamun Iqbal [Iqb]

Lecturer & Assistant Proctor
M.Sc. Barcelona Graduate School of Economics (Barcelona GSE), Spain

B.Sc. University of Hong Kong (HKU), Hong Kong

Mr. Asif Chowdhury [ACd]

M. Sc., University of Surrey, UK

Ms. Naveen Abedin [Nvn]

MS., University of Texas, USA

Ms. Aroni Kabita Porna [AKt]

M.A., Carleton University, Canada

Nabeel Iqbal [NIQ]

M.S., The University of New South Wales, Australia

Mr. A. M. Muhib Morshed [AMM2]

M.A., Carleton University, Canada
B.Sc. (Hons.), University of Toronto, Canada

Ms. Mahnaz Aftabi Atique [Mzq]

MA in Economics, University of British Columbia

Ms. Sifat Adiya [Sdy]

Lecturer (On Study Leave)
M.Sc.,University College London (UCL), UK
B.Sc., University College London (UCL), UK

Ms. Miethy Zaman [MtZ]

Lecturer (On Study Leave)
M.Sc., University of Nottingham, UK

Mr. Khundkar Mohammad Arefin Kamal [KhK]

Lecturer (On Study Leave)
M.Sc., The University of New York, UK


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