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Dr. Anandamayee Majumdar

Full Time Faculty

Ph.D. In Statistics, University of Connecticut, USA

Phone: +880-2-55668200 Ext:1772

Curriculum Vitae

1. Bekiros, S., Gupta, R., Majumdar, A. Incorporating Economic Policy uncertainty in
US Equity Premium Models: a Nonlinear Predictability Analysis. Finance and Economics
Letters. (2016). (Accepted).

2. Eyden, R., Balcilar, M., Gupta, R., Thompson, K., Majumdar, A. Comparing the Forecasting
Ability of Financial Conditions Indices: The Case of South Africa. (2015). (Under revision).

3. Eberle, D., Das. S, Majumdar, A. Automated pattern recognition to support geological
mapping and exploration target generation -- A case study from southern Namibia. (2015).
J. of African Earth Sciences. 106. (2015). pp 60-74. 

4. McHale, M., Majumdar, A., Grimm, N. B. Carbon lost vs. carbon gained in an arid city:
A study of vegetation and the associated carbon tradeo s among land uses in Phoenix,
Arizona. (2015). (Under revision).

5. Wang, J., Yang, M., Majumdar, A., Paul, D. Comparitive study and Sensitivity Analysis
of Skewed Spatial Processes. (2014). (Submitted).

6. Yang, M., Das, K., Majumdar, A. Analysis of Bivariate Zero In ated Regression Counts
with Missing Responses. (2015). (Under Revision).

7. Gupta, R., Majumdar, A. Forecasting US Real House Price Returns 1831-2013: Evidence
from Copula Models. (2015). Applied Economics. (Accepted).

8. Majumdar, A., Paul, D. Zero Expectile Processes and Bayesian Spatial Regression.
(2015). Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics. (Accepted).

9. Gupta, R., Balcilar, M., Majumdar, A., Miller, S., Was the Recent Downturn in US
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10. Majumdar, A. Gaussian Processes on the Support of Cylindrical Surfaces, with
Application to Periodic Spatio-temporal Data. J. of Stats. Planning and Inference.
153, pp 27-41. (2014).

11. Aye, G. C, Gupta, R., Balcilar, M., Majumdar, A. Forecasting Aggregate Retail Sales:
The Case of South Africa. International Journal of Production Economics. (2014). (In press).

12. Gupta, R., Majumdar, A. Reconsidering the Welfare Cost of In ation in the US: A nonparametric
estimation of the nonlinear long-run money demand equation using projection pursuit regressions.
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13. Zhong, Z., Majumdar, A. and Eubank, R. L. Bayesian curve registration of functional data.
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15. Majumdar, A., Gries, C. and Walker, J. A Non-stationary Spatial Generalized Linear
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16. Majumdar, A., Paul, D., Kaye, J. Sensitivity analysis and model selection
with a generalized convolution for spatial processes. Bayesian Analysis, 5, 3,
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17. Majumdar, A., Gries, C. Bivariate Zero-Infated Regression for Count
Data: A Bayesian Approach with Application to Plant Counts, Int. Journal of
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18. Majumdar, A., Paul, D. and Bautista, D. Generalized convolution
models for nonstationary multivariate spatial processes. Statistica
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19. Majumdar, A. and Eubank, R.A Bayesian semi-parametric approach
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20. Majumdar, A. and Eubank, R. Bayesian Modeling of Functional Data
with Application to the Texas Lottery, JSM Proceedings, Bayesian Statistical
Science Section. Alexandria, VA: American Statistical Association. (2008).

21. Kaye, J., Majumdar, A., Gries, C., Buyantuyev, A., Grimm, N. B.,
Hope, D., Zhu, W., Jenerette, D., and L. Baker. Hierarchical Bayesian
scaling of soil properties across urban, agricultural, and desert ecosystems.
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22. Majumdar, A., Kaye, J., Gries, C., Hope, D. and Grimm, N. Hierarchical
spatial modeling of soil nutrients and Carbon in heterogeneous land-use
patches of the Phoenix metropolitan area, Comm. in Statistical: Simulation
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23. Majumdar A., Gelfand, A. E. Multivariate spatial modeling for geostatistical
data using convolved covariance functions. Math. Geology. 39, 2, pp 225-245.

24. Majumdar A., Munnekke, H., Gelfand, A. E., Banerjee, S. and Sirmans, C. F.
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J. of Business and Economics Statistical 24, 1, pp 77-90. (2006).

25. Majumdar A., Gelfand, A. E. and Banerjee, S. Spatio-temporal change-point
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Past Grants

1. 2006-2009 National Science Foundation, \Spatial and Small Area
Estimation Problems with Application to Large-Scale Surveys," co-PI,
(PI, S. Lohr) $210,000.Visible Annual Distinction "Highlighted
Project" by NSF, 2011.
2. 2005-2010 National Science Foundation, Central Arizona Phoenix
Long Term Ecological Research, Global Institute of Sustainability
Research Collaborator, support for 4 summers.
3. 2004-2006 National Science Foundation, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation,
"Increasing the Number of Under-Represented Minorities at Arizona State
University in the Graduate Fields of Applied Mathematics, Biometry, 
Ecology", Mentor to Sloan Scholars as mentioned in the proposal,
(PI, Carlos-Castillo Chavez).
Ph.D. in Statistics, University of Connecticut.
Dissertation title: Some problems in multivariate spatial and spatio-temporal
processes with application to land-value prices and environmental data.
Ph.D adviser: Professor Alan E. Gelfand

M.S in Statistics, Michigan State University

M.Stat (Masters) in Mathematical Statistics and Probability,
Indian Statistical Institute

B.Stat (Bachelors) in Statistics, Indian Statistical Institute
2015 Aug - present
Professor, Dept. of Management
School of Business and Economics, North South University, Bangladesh

2013 Feb - present
Distinguished Professor, Center of Advanced Statistics and Econometrics,
Soochow University, Suzhou, China

2011 Aug - 2012 July
Visiting Assistant Professor, Southern Methodist University,
Dept. of Statistical Sciences, Dallas, TX, USA

2004 - 2011
Assistant Professor, Arizona State University,
School of Math. & Stats. Sciences, Tempe, Arizona, USA 

2004 - 2011
Statistical Consultant & Researcher,
Global Institute of Sustainability, Tempe, Arizona, USA

Visiting Researcher, Duke University, Institute of 
Statistical & Decision Sciences, Durham, NC, USA

Teaching Assistant, University of Connecticut, Dept. of Statistics
Storrs, CT, USA

Teaching Assistant, Michigan State University, Dept. of Statistics
E Lansing, MI, USA

Lecturer, Rajshahi University, Dept. of Statistics
Rajshahi, Bangladesh

North South University
1.Business Statistics 

Soochow University
1. Spatial Statistics
2. Bayesian Data Analysis
3. Introduction to Statistics

Southern Methodist University
1. Introduction to Statistics
2. Introduction to statistical methods

Arizona State University
1. Applied Nonparametric Statistics
2. Applied Regression
3. Bayesian Data Analysis
4. Elements of Statistics.
5. Probability.
6. Mathematical Statistics.
7. Introductory Applied Statistics.

University of Connecticut, Storrs
1. Introduction to Statistics 

Michigan State University, East Lansing
1. Statistical Methods
2. Introduction to Probability and Business Statistics

Editorial Services

Member of the Editorial Board of International Journal
of Data Analysis Techniques and Strategies (IJDATS).

Professional Memberships
1. The International Society for Bayesian Analysis.
2. The American Statistical Association.
3. The Institute of Mathematical Statistics.

Reviewing International Statistical and Interdisciplinary Journals
1. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis
2. Journal of Business and Economic Statistics
3. Journal of Nonparametric Statistics
4. Annals of Applied Statistics
5. Biostatistics
6. Ecological Applications
7. Environmental and Ecological Statistics
8. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference
9. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, C
10. Soil Society of America Journal
11. Empirical Economics

Bayesian Modeling and Inference, Environmental and Ecological Statistics,
Econometrics, Spatio-temporal Modeling and Inference.