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Tahmid Huq Easher

Full Time Faculty
Senior Lecturer (On Study Leave)

M.Sc. in Integrated Water Resource Management, McGill University, Canada
B.Sc. in Environmental Science, North South University

: +880-2-55668200 Ext: 2055 
Office: SAC 712

Curriculum Vitae





Tahmid Huq Easher is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Environmental Science and Management at North South University since May 2015. 

Tahmid completed his Master of Science in Integrated Water Resources Management from Department of Bioresources Engineering at McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. His masters thesis was on water quality analysis to measure phosphorus loss from two artificially drained (surface and sub-surface) agricultural fields using DRAINMOD modeling within pike river watershed; Bedford, Quebec, Canada. 

He recieved his Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from Department of Environmental Science and Management at North South University. His undergraduate thesis was on water quality assessment of Moksh Beel and industrial impacts on agriculture and fisheries in Mokosh Beel area, Safipur bazar, Kaliakur in Bangladesh. 

He has over 8 years of relevant work experience as an environmental researcher in Canada and Bangladesh. Most of this experience has been very interdisciplinary and has been focused on water resources management, disaster management and climate change adaptation.

He is the member of Self-Assessment Committee of ESM, working with the Institutional Quality Assuarance Cell of NSU, to assess the current state and preparing future improvement plan of the department.

He is also actively involved at the Outreach Campaign of ESM, to create awareness about environmental education at tertirary level in Bangladesh.

He is the Faculty Advisor of Earth Club of North South University. He was also the President (2008-09) and General Secretary (2007-08) of Earth Club when he was a NSU student. He is also the Coordinator of Green Drinks Dhaka.

  • Haque, N. & Huq Easher, T. (2017). Assessing Knowledge and Skills Requirements to Address Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in Bangladesh. Abstract Accepted. In Azeiteiro UM, Leal Filho W, Davim, J.P., (Eds), Higher Education Institutions in a Global Warming World - The transition of Higher Education Institutions to a Low Carbon Economy. Special Issue. International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management
  • Huq Easher, T. & Hoque, S. F. (2017). When Adaptation Goes Wrong: A Case Study of Tidal River Management in Kalicharanpur, Jessore. Working Paper
  • Huq Easher, Tahmid. (June 2013). Water--Scarce in the CHT. In P. Gain (Ed.), The Chittagong Hill Tracts: Man-Nature Nexus Torn. Dhaka: Society for Environment and Human Development (SEHD).
  • Huq Easher, Tahmid (July 2012). Utilization of Local and Indigenous Knowledge in Water Management. Green Reflections, Issue 10. Dhaka, Bangladesh: North South University.
  • Huq Easher, Tahmid (August 2009). Industrial Impacts in Wetland Area: Case Mokosh Beel. Green Reflections, Issue 7. Dhaka, Bangladesh: North South University.
  • Faculty Research Grant 2016-17, North South University
  • Gobeshona Young Research 2016 - Sponsored by USAID
  • Travel Grant to Faculty Members for Attending International Conference and Publishing Academic Papers 2015, North South University
  • Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies Summer 2011 Differential Fee Waivers (DFW): International research student scholarship, McGill University
  • Provost's Graduate Fellowship 2010: Entrance scholarship, McGill University
  • Cum Laude: Academic Brilliance Award 2010, North South University

Master of Science in Integrated Water Resources Management (2011)
McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada       


Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science (2008)
North South University, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Senior Lecturer                                                                                               May, 2015 – Present
Dept. of Environmental Science & Management and Earth Club of North South University, Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • Delivering lectures and seminars, and designing, preparing and developing teaching materials
  • Assessing students' coursework, setting and marking examinations, and supervising students' activities
  • Undertaking personal research projects and actively contributing to the institution's research profile
  • Carrying out administrative tasks related to the department, such as student admissions, induction programmes and involvement in committees and boards
  • Advising Earth Club to facilitate and conduct their programmes. 
  • Establishing collaborative links outside the university with industrial, commercial and public organizations 

Field Assistant                                                                                 July – November, 2013
Emile A. Lods Agronomy Research Centre, McGill University, Montreal, QC, Canada

  • Collected and processed soil and water samples in the field
  • Performed soil and water nutrient analysis in the lab
  • Produced technical report based on the findings.
  • Carried out duties like weeding, harvesting, washing, weighing and carrying crops in the field

Research Associate and Lecturer                                                    May/2012 – May/2013
Centre for Climate Change and Environmental Research, BRAC University, Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • Managed two research projects concerning water management and quality
  • Conducted and coordinated research activities and prepared publications
  • Facilitated and organized several events (seminar, workshops and trainings)
  • Executed site assessments, reclamation, sustainability and community capacity building programs.
  • Represented the Centre in national and international seminars/workshops

Research Assistant                                                            October/2010 – December/2011
Department of Natural Resource Science, McGill University, Montreal, QC, Canada

  • Worked on a project analyzing phosphorus loss from two artificially drained agricultural fields
  • Prepared a draft plan to manage phosphorous concentrations found in the Pike River watershed
  • Analyzed water samples for different forms of phosphorus, pH, and electricity conductivity
  • Assisted PhD students with their laboratory work on soil ecology, which included operating a gas chromatographer, and invertebrate, gas, soil and water sampling
  • Carried out administrative, logistic and information technology support duties

Graduate Teaching Assistant                                                             April – August, 2009
Department of Environmental Science & Management, North South University, Dhaka, BD

  • Assisted faculty members in taking exams, preparing lecture notes, and grading papers
  • Assisted in the launch of a Masters program in Resource and Environmental Management which included designing a webpage
  • Organized several events and managed logistical and administrative matters

Short Term Consultant                                                                     February – April, 2015
Power and Participation Research Centre (PPRC), Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • Worked on a project titled “Economic Risk Analysis of Water Scenario in Bangladesh”, funded by WWF
  • Prepared an analytical and projection report on sector wise water demand-supply scenario in Bangladesh.
  • Assessed current water resources, use and demand condition through desktop reviews
  • Engaged stakeholders in assessing water risk in future, and prepared reports, framework and figures 

Customer Service Representative                                           February – December, 2014
Bank of Montreal, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  • Met and exceeded customers' expectations by providing financial and disaster management solutions
  • Demonstrated initiative in learning and understanding new products, services and offerings
  • Handled customer escalations and act as a liaison to resolve customer concerns
  • Acted as an ambassador by professionally representing the bank

Research Officer                                                                September/2009 – August/2010
Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS), Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • Designed, organized and conducted field research at the local and regional level
  • Wrote field reports, formal documentation, and analyzed and managed database
  • Conducted focus group discussions and household questionnaire sessions
  • Facilitated participatory workshops with different stakeholders
  • Assisted in preparing project methodology, budget plan and other administrative duties

Research Intern                                                                      October/2008 – March/2009
Bangladesh Center for Advanced Studies (BCAS), Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • Conducted social scoping about a project related to wetland water pollution
  • Wrote a report about Corporate Social Responsibilities and Environment
  • Prepared presentations and posters about safe chemical handling for the industrial laborers

ENV 107: Introduction to Environmental Science

ENV 214: Environmental Management

ENV 321: Environmental Organizations

ENV 380: Environment and Mass Communications

ENV 410: Integrated Water Resource Planning and Management

  • Coordinator, Green Drinks Dhaka
  • Member, Canadian Society for Bioengineering (CSBE/ SCGAB)
  • President (2008-09), General Secretary (2007-08) and Life Time Member, Earth Club of North South University
  • Member, Waterlution
  • Alumnus Member, North South University Social Services Club
  • Alumnus Member AIESEC in North South University

- Integrated land & water resources management           

- Collaborative and participative disaster management and climate change adaptation

- Geographic information system and environmental modeling

- Water and soil quality analysis