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Sakif Alam

Full Time Faculty
Master of Arts in Law and Legal Studies (Carleton University)
Bachelor of Arts in Law (Carleton University) 

Phone: 55 668 200 x 6178
Office: NAC 11-106

Curriculum Vitae


Sakif Alam joined the Department of Law, as Lecturer, in January 2018. Upon completion of his Undergraduate Degree from Carleton University (Canada), he pursued his Master's at the same institution. Focusing on Commercial Law and the Law of Torts, he authored a Thesis on the collapse of Rana Plaza and whether a Canadian company — Loblaw Companies Limited — can be held liable for the ensuing deaths and injuries (

As Lecturer, Mr. Alam has predominantly directed his attention towards the Law of Torts and Commercial Law (inter alia, formation of contracts, sale of goods, and companies & partnerships).


  • Alam, Sakif, "Deaths of Numerous at Rana Plaza: Does Liability Rest Eleven Thousand Kilometers Away?": <>. 


  • Alam, Sakif, "Do North Korea's Nuclear Tests Violate International Law?" The Daily Star (3 October 2017), online: The Daily Star <>.

  • Alam, Sakif, "Takeout(s) Ltd: Trademark Infringement and/or Passing-off?" The Daily Star (9 January 2018), online: The Daily Star <>. 
  • 2016: Master of Arts in Legal Studies (Carleton University)
  • 2014: Bachelor of Arts in Law and Legal Studies (Carleton University) 
  • LAW 200: Legal Environment of Business (School of Business & Economics)
  • LAW 407: Mercantile & Business Law  
  • LAW 426: The Law of Torts 
  • Law of Torts
  • International Trade Law 
  • Commercial Law 
  • Intellectual Property Law