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Wins Research project

NSU Faculty Member Wins Research Project in a Global Competition

Department of Environmental Science and Management (DESM) Lecturer (on study leave), AKM Shahidullah has secured a research project administered by Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR), UK. CEPR’s initiative for Private Enterprise Development in Low Income Countries (PEDL) called for applications from prospective researcher in 2012-13 periods.  Mr. Shahidullah (presently a doctoral research student at University of Manitoba) submitted his research proposal entitled “Green Microfinance Strategy for Entrepreneurial Transformation: Supporting Growth and Responding to Climate Change”. He defended and communicated his project in December 2013 at CEPR-PEDL research workshop in Warwick, Coventry, UK.

Having been awarded with the project by CEPR, he has been now carrying out the field research for this private enterprise development project in association with Centre for Natural Resources Studies (CNRS), Dhaka. The project is funded by DFID, UK and will be implemented by March 2015. . Earlier Mr. Shahidullah also obtained IDRC Doctoral Research Award for 2011-12 periods. He also had CIDA scholarship for PhD study for 2010-11 periods through NSU’s facilitations. Mr. Shahidullah plans to finish his PhD by 2015 and join back DESM in Fall 2015.  

The URL link for Shahidullah’s CEPR-PEDL research project is: