IT Dept.: Course Registration (Advising) 2015 - All Department

Notice for: All Concerns
Post Date: 27/11/2014
Details: Course Registration is starting on Sunday, 7th December, 2014. Please check this site for the latest information on course registration (advising).

  • Warning (Password): All student must change temporary registration password ASAP.

  • For enrolled students of Fall 2014 course registration can be done without fulfilling the pre-requisite requirement. The system will automatically adjust their course after receiving the final grade.

  • Department will not coduct any registration for existing students. They will conduct registration only for newly admitted students.

  • Intern Courses like BUS 498 can be taken just after finishing 60 credits.

  • Registrar Office will direct students regarding exceptional cases.


1. Revised UG Schedule by Credit (9/12/2014)

2. Revised UG Schedule by Student ID (9/12/2014)

3. Revised Graduate Schedule by Credit (9/12/2014)

4. Revised Graduate Schedule by Student ID (9/12/2014)