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Dear Students:

Welcome back after the Eid break. As you complete your registration online, and plan for the next academic term, you may have questions on curricula, grading, registration, etc., or face problems. If you cannot find the answers or resolve the problems, you may consult with your faculty advisor.

There are two files posted online. In the first file, you will find your ID and the corresponding Advisor ID. In the second file, you will find the name of the faculty member who has that Advisor ID.

Please note that your faculty advisor may be from any of the four departments within SBE, not necessarily that of your major. They are all here to help you.

If you face any problems, for example, you cannot find your ID, or if your faculty advisor is not responding or is unavailable, please contact your department chair or the front desk at SBE.

Thank you!

SBE UG Advisors

SBE UG Student List and Advisors