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Controller of Examinations

Notice - Services rendered by the Office of the Controller of Examinations

Application Form for Duplicate copy of Main Certificate (COE Form-1)
Application Form for Provisional Certificate (COE Form-2)
Application Form for Studentship Certificate (COE Form-4)
Application Form for  Migration Certificate (COE Form-4)
Application Form for Certificate on Medium of Instruction (COE Form-4)
Application Form for Program duration certificate (COE Form-4)
Application Form for Character certificate/ Testimonial (COE Form-5)
Application Form for Certificate for Leave of Absence (COE Form-6)
Application Form for Unofficial grade report (COE Form-7)
Application Form for Official Transcript (COE Form-3)
Application Form for Certificate on date of completion of Degree (COE Form-4)
Authorization letter for collecting documents from NSU (COE Form-9)


Financial Aid

Application Form for Financial Aid Services                                             


Email Request Form (faculty & administrative)                                          
Online Campus Wi-Fi Reguest Form

Admission Office

Online Admissions (Grad /Undergrad)                                        


Online Student Email Request Form                        NSU Email Account  -  Forget Password?                               
Online Campus Wi-Fi Reguest Form
Email Request Form (faculty & administrative)                                          

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