Social Services Club

Established in the spring of 1994, North South University Social Services Club (NSUSSC) is one of the oldest clubs of North South University and also the only club whose main objective is to offer assistance to the underprivileged and the unfortunate in the society. NSUSSC believes that it is a moral duty as citizens of Bangladesh, more importantly as human beings, to help out the people in need.It tries its best to contribute and offer a helping hand to these people in whatever way possible.

NSUSSC has organized a host of events and initiated many programs to help the afflicted. The noteworthy events are Blood Donation Drive, in which students and faculties of North South University willingly donate blood the people in need, Winter Clothing Drive, in order to share the warmth with the cold stricken people, Socio Camp, which is considered as the biggest idea generating competition to raise awareness against social problems, Eid Clothing and Iftar Distribution, Sponsoring an Eid, Proshanti , Annual DoaMahfil, Flood Relief Distribution, Say No to Tobacco and Annual Picnic to spread the joy and help the students and faculties of NSU to tear themselves from the daily pressure of the academic and work.

NSUSSC is always striving to come up with new ways to help out, contribute to society and aid the destitute with whatever is possible for subsistence. With innovative activities to serve the community and a large family of dedicated members, NSUSSC has grown over the years to become one of the most successful, active and popular clubs at NSU which is devoted to serve the society.

Faculty Advisor
Md. Mofassel Hossain
Tasnina Momo
General Secretary
Tanvir Ahmed
Imtiaz Khan
Head of Operations
Md. Bin Al Walid (Trinoy)
Head of External Affairs
Tanzid Samad Choudhury
Head of Media & Publications
Afia Zahin Prithy
Head of Creative & Visuals
Tabassum Shofi Trisha