Department Mission
Accounting & Finance

The research mission of the Department of Accounting and Finance is to conduct high quality impactful research and collaborate with renowned national and international organizations in the area of accounting and finance.

The research mission of the Department of Economics, SBE is to support and enhance research excellence by:
  • Facilitating conduct of economic research by its faculty members on issues critical to knowledge and society,
  • Ensuring effective use of available intellectual, financial and physical resources to conduct research,
  • Supporting to secure internal and external funding for research,
  • Contributing to the university’s graduate and undergraduate programs by involving students in research,
  • Encouraging collaborative, interdisciplinary research at national and global levels, and
  • Disseminating research findings having societal relevance through publication in quality academic journals, books and popular media as well as presentation in seminars and conferences.

The research mission of the Department of Management is to be a leader and innovator in management research, and produce knowledge that fosters a better understanding of global business problems.

Marketing & International Business

The research of NSU-MIB is dedicated to nurture, innovate and expand the boundaries of knowledge and provide critical insights and solutions to complex Marketing and International Business issues, in the ever evolving business world.


The Department relentlessly strives to carry out a research that aims at improving life of people in built environment. It aims at pursuing research on environmental parameters for human comfort and while doing so to study the impact of energy efficiency on building; growth and morphology of rising urban centers, to document the heritage buildings and vernacular building forms as real time historical evidences.

Civil and Environmental Engineering

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at North South University aspires to engage into practical and output oriented research that serves the needs of the targeted communities in a sustainable way. The practical research will focus on the country’s transportation and water sectors to deliver effective solutions to field problems that have been troubling these sectors for a long time. Furthermore, focused research are planned to serve targeted communities that are suffering with water supply and wastewater issues. Output oriented research are planned on developing various structural engineering and soil-structure interaction models that are useful both in theoretical and practical considerations. The Department plans to strengthen its linkages with other local and international research communities by forming a society on frontiers in energy and infrastructure in line with conferences and joint research initiatives.

Electrical & Computer Engineering
The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) would like to become the leading hub for innovative and collaborative research that transforms electrical and computer engineering education in Bangladesh through knowledge and scientific discoveries. To achieve that vision of ECE research, the Department sets the following mission goals:
  • Emphasize on applied and interdisciplinary research
  • Enhances faculty members’ abilities to obtain and manage grants
  • Facilitate collaboration with local and international industries and universities
  • Strategically invests in promising research and researchers
Enhance the ability to perform research in a global community
Mathematics & Physics
  • To engage our all faculty members in research with their respective fields.
  • To discover and nurture physics and mathematically inclined students, and provide them a supportive environment for research that fosters intellectual growth.
  • To employ effective educational tools for our Mathematics and Physics courses that would attract students for doing research.
  • To prepare future scientists and engineers adequately for the physics and mathematical needs of their disciplines.
  • To explore applications of Mathematics and Physics and engage in collaborative research in an interdisciplinary environment with the reputed universities in home and abroad.
English & Modern Languages
  • To encourage, support, and enhance research excellence in the department by inspiring and challenging members of the faculty to push the boundaries in both the advancement and creation of knowledge in literature, linguistics and TESOL.
  • To create the next generation of thinkers in the area of language and literary studies in Bangladesh.
  • To partner with the international community to translate knowledge and discoveries into tangible benefits for society.
Political Science & Sociology
  • To produce leaders equipped with critical thinking, intellectual abilities, applied knowledge & ethical responsibilities.
  • To facilitate the teaching and learning experiences that produce graduates of global standard.
  • The department will offer a platform for the best academics and researchers in social sciences for academic and social advancement.

The Department of Law intends to promote a cutting-edge and theoretically rigorous legal research aligned with the teaching areas and interests of its faculty members and enrich the quality of education imparted to the students. The Department wishes not only to contribute to the progressive developments of law in Bangladesh but also comparative and international law as and when feasible. In line with the overall mission and vision of the University, the Department also envisions extending its research activities to multi-disciplinary scope through engagement with peers from home and abroad with the ultimate aim of helping the local, regional and global communities to benefit from its findings.

History & Philosophy

  • To provide a holistic approach towards a better understanding of the socio-economic and political history as well as heritage and culture in which we live.
  • To present new scholarly research that frames local, national and global issues.
  • To teach critical thinking and moral development of our students to become conscious citizens of the globe.
  • To advance research in classical and applied history and philosophy.

Biochemistry & Microbiology

The mission of the Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology is to create a culture of research excellence and develop and implement a research strategy that will attract outstanding researchers in this field. The Department is very keen to generate new tools and knowledge that will advance our understanding of the living world and enhance the quality of life through better medical care, disease prevention measures, nutrition, and environmentally sound and sustainable industrial and manufacturing processes. The Department provides the infrastructure, leadership, training, and resources to promote intellectual activity, enhance research productivity, and increase external funding of research programs.

Environmental Science & Management
  • To create bridges between young researchers and industry personnel for academic/professional collaboration.
  • To involve participants from different walks of life and localities in research and knowledge-sharing.
  • To attract high quality faculty members and researchers to promote knowledge building and for acquiring reputed funds and projects for the Department.
  • To produce research-focused, practice-oriented alumnus, who will promote the Department’s vision in their respective fields.
  • To help promote a harmonious relationship between nature and Man via innovation and awareness building.
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Our mission is to
  • provide sustainable quality education through excellent teaching and hands-on learning
  • achieve professional competency
  • exercise high ethical and moral values
  • initiate and collaborate research with national and international institutes to address pharmaceutical/medical needs
  • work in close cooperation with pharmaceutical industries and healthcare providers
Public Health

The mission of the NSU Department of Public Health is to train public health researchers, practitioners and decision makers; conduct high impact research and engage in knowledge translation; and exchange with the ultimate goal of improving the health of populations and ensure universal health coverage in Bangladesh and other developing countries.