Student Research Highlights
Student Research Highlights: 2

A group of students from the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, North South University successfully presented their research work at the International Brain Research Organization (IBRO 2019), the 10th IBRO World Congress of Neuroscience, held at Daegu, South Korea, 21-25 September, 2019. NSU undergraduate students Farhana Yasmin and Sadia Yeasmin showcased their poster at IBRO 2019. Their research was done at the Behavioral Neuroscience lab at NSU under the supervision of Dr. Md. Ashrafur Rahman. The research was done with the help of three other undergraduate students: Israt Yesmin, Sadika Islam, and Abdul Kaium. The title of their poster was “Moringa oleifera ameliorates the cholinergic-mediated memory via modulating the oxidative stress biomarkers in dementia mice model”, focusing specifically on the treatment of memory loss. Their work had already won the first runner-up during the Pharmafest 2019, held by NSU.

Student Research Highlights: 1

Congratulations to NSU students in Department of Environmental Science & Management and Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering for successful co-authorship and publication with NSU faculty member Dr. Mohmmad Sujauddin (research team leader) in several journals:

  • 1) Determining the potential role of the waste sector in decoupling of phosphorous: A comprehensive review of national scale substance flow analyses (Resources, Conservation & Recycling, ELSEVIER, Impact Factor: 7.044)
  • 2) Unravelling the anthropogenic pathways of phosphorous in the food production and consumption system of Bangladesh through the lens of substance flow analysis (Journal of Industrial Ecology, Wiley, Impact Factor: 4.826)
  • 3) Solving visual pollution with deep learning: A new nexus in environmental management (Journal of Environmental Management, ELSEVIER, Impact Factor: 4.865)
  • 4) Human appropriation of net primary production in Bangladesh, 1700-2100 (Land Use Policy, ELSEVIER, Impact Factor: 3.573)
  • 5) Forecasting river sediment deposition through satellite image driven unsupervised machine learning techniques (Remote Sensing Application: Society and Environment, ELSEVIER, CiteScore: 2.51)

Names of Student Co-Authors:

Sl Name Department
01 Mr. Bidhan Bhuson Roy Environmental Science and Management
02 Ms. Shupa Rahman Environmental Science and Management
03 Mr. Nahian Ahmed Electrical and Computer Engineering
04 Mr. Riasad Bin Mahbub Environmental Science and Management
05 Mr. Amit Robert Baroi Environmental Science and Management
06 Ms. Nidhi Gloria D'Costa Environmental Science and Management
07 Ms. Ahmad Saraf Tuba Electrical and Computer Engineering
08 Mr. M. Nazmul Islam Electrical and Computer Engineering