Institute at a glance

South Asian Institute of Policy and Governance (SIPG) of North South University, is the one and only and the pioneering institute with a regional focus in Bangladesh. The Institute started its journey in 2008 as Public Policy and Governance Program (PPG) at North South University with an aim to cater knowledge in the broader field of policy, governance, and public administration. In 2018, after a decade, the PPG program upgraded to a full-fledged Institute to facilitate the academic program, regional research on various issues related to policy regimes, governance challenges, and discourses in the context of South Asia.

With economic growth averaging over 6 percent for the last two decades, South Asia has emerged as one of the world’s most dynamic economies, yet its member states have failed to reap the full benefits due to the absence of a strong and dynamic institutional base, pragmatic policy prescriptions, perceptive plan, and appropriate institutional framework. The Institute initiates research, publications, policy briefs, training and research program with an aim to generate knowledge to strengthen and broaden the intellectual capacity of Bangladesh and regional countries at policy stage.


To become a leading academic institution and a think tank on policy and governance studies in South Asia

  • To develop professional leaders in policy and governance through education, training, and research
  • To generate and disseminate research and evidence-based knowledge on policy and governance issues across national, cross-national and regional levels
  • Providing quality education by national/ regional/international faculty members and practitioners
  • Analyzing policy and governance issues and discourses (contemporary and historical) through Bangladeshi, South Asian, and international researchers, scholars, and experts
  • Developing network and partnership with national, regional and international institutions for knowledge generation, dissemination and capacity building

The Center for Peace Studies (CPS), is an interdisciplinary center of South Asian Institute of Policy and Governance (SIPG), which aims to facilitate the academic study of peacebuilding and the promotion of a resilient society through evidence-based and empirical research at North South University (NSU). The Center aspires to be a hub of academic research and activity in the areas of conflict studies and peace promotion that will have national, regional and global implication. CPS is a platform for academics, researchers and practitioners from diverse academic backgrounds working together to create a peaceful world with a focus on sustainable and inclusive solutions for contemporary humanitarian crises.