Launching of the Training Module on ‘Migration Diplomacy’

Training Module on ‘Migration Diplomacy’ was launched at NSU

The training module on "Migration Diplomacy'' was officially launched on 24 July 2022 at North South University. The training module has been jointly developed by the South Asian Institute of Policy and Governance (SIPG) of North South University, International Labour Organization (ILO), and International Organization for Migration (IOM). The module aims to enhance the capacity of diplomats, labour attachés, government officials and policy makers for improved migration governance, negotiation on overseas employment and providing effective services for the protection of migrants. The Module will be hosted by the Foreign Service Academy (FSA) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to ensure capacity building initiatives  are sustainable and effective. Representatives from ILO, IOM, FSA, SIPG, and faculties and students of NSU attended the event.




Ambassador Shahidul Haque, Professorial Fellow, SIPG gave a brief overview of the module in his introductory speech. He said, “Diplomacy is all about people’s development”. He also stated that, migration diplomacy is strategically managing multi-dimensional factors and forces for protecting migrants' wellbeing and rights. So, diplomats should remain engaged with migrants and diaspora pro-actively both nationally and internationally.   


Mr. Neeran Ramjuthan, Officer in Charge, ILO Bangladesh stated that labour migration is a vital component of the Bangladeshi economy as well as a lifeline for many migrant workers and their families. He appreciated the holistic collaboration among SIPG of NSU, ILO & IOM in developing this training module for Foreign Service Academy, Bangladesh. He expects that by doing this, the labour attachés and diplomats will be better equipped in dealing matters relating to labour migration and diplomacy. He advocated for the inclusion of this kind of capacity-building training in the diplomats' professional development.    


Ms. Nusrath Ghazzali, Deputy Chief of Mission, IOM praised the training module for being comprehensive and covering all facets of migration diplomacy. It is founded on global best practices and knowledge, and it also addresses the issues of vulnerable migrants. She also welcomes the collaboration between SIPG of NSU, ILO, and IOM in developing this curriculum.


Ambassador Asad Alam Siam, Rector, Foreign Service Academy mentioned that it is crucial for all diplomats to be knowledgeable on migration diplomacy. This module will enable FSA to provide training to diplomats, allowing them to significantly improve the plight of migrants. 


Professor Atiqul Islam, Vice Chancellor of NSU, stated in his closing remarks that NSU has a social obligation not only to Bangladesh but to the entire world. As a result, it desires to interact with numerous international organizations. In order to adequately resolve the expectation gap between the host country and migrants, diplomats must carefully manage the migration issues. He wished this training module much success and advised that it be widely used for training purposes.