News on US Presidential Election 2020 and Asia-US Relations Webinar

The South Asian Institute of Policy and Governance (SIPG) and the Department of Political Science and Sociology (PSS) at North South University organized a webinar titled "Us Presidential Election 2020 and Asia-Us Relations" on 31st October 2020. 

The Webinar began with the welcome speech of Dr. Md. Harisur Rahman, Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science and Sociology, NSU. The panelists of the webinar discussed on the broader areas in US election and electoral process, election’s impact on the Asia-USA relationship and future shape of Asia’s rising geopolitics. 

Dr. Mahbubur Rahman, Associate Professor of NSU, discussed the election and electoral process of the USA. He said, if any allegations arise in the upcoming US election, then there might be a possibility of social unrest in the US. Dr. Ali Riaz, Distinguished Professor at the Department of Politics and Government at Illinois State University, USA shed light on the US-China relationship, according to him: Asia is now the heart of the global economy. China's emergence as global power is a concern both for Trump and Biden. From Asian Geopolitical context, Dr. M Sakhawat Hussain, Senior Fellow of SIPG, talked about the impact of the US election 2020 on the South Asian geopolitics. Former Ambassador Munshi Faiz Ahmad has said that both Trump and Biden are on the same boat in targeting China's dominance. Dr. Raj Kumar Kothari, Professor of Political Science from India, discussed the Indo-US relationship and mentioned that even if Joe Biden comes to power, the relation between India and the US will be strengthened because without India, the expansion of the US relations in Asia is not possible. Professor Shahab Enam Khan, Jahangirnagar University said that, Trump has taken out the US from world policing and Trump is the first US president elected for the US only, not for the whole world. Ambassador Shahidul Haque, Senior Fellow of SIPG, NSU discussed Biden's foreign policy. He said Biden will bring about a fundamental change in the US foreign relations drawing on a more democratic, humanitarian, and human rights friendly perspective.

After the valuable discussions, Professor Atiqul Islam, Vice Chancellor of North South University, Chair of the event, concluded the webinar. Professor Sk. Tawfique M. Haque, PhD, Director SIPG and the Chair of PSS moderated the webinar.