Ongoing Research

Citizens’ Trust and COVID Management Survey (CTCMS) in South Asia

This is a voluntary survey conducted by Academics from the University of Bergen, Norway in partnership with Tribhuvan University, Nepal; North South University, Bangladesh, and University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. The purpose of this survey is to collect public opinion on the best way of managing COVID-19 pandemic in South Asia. The survey will be used for academic and research purpose only. All data and responses are anonymous. There is no correct or incorrect answer. Respondents are requested to choose the answers based on their own experiences and judgment. The survey will take about 10-15 minutes to complete.

South Asian Institute of Policy and Governance (SIPG) of North South University is administering a nationwide survey on citizen’s trust in public and political institutions of Bangladesh, in the context of COVID -19. The project is funded by NORAD under PGS project. The main objectives of the survey are to map and diagnose public sector dysfunctions of the country and to assess the satisfaction level of citizens towards different service delivery organizations as well as political and administrative institutions in the time of pandemic. The sample size is 1800-2000. The survey is conducting in 20 district of Bangladesh. 

State of Democracy in South Asia (SDSA, Phase III) 2020

State of Democracy in South Asia (SDSA) phase III is conducted for the third time as the regional study to measure the level of citizens’ perception on democracy – democratic practices, norms, and practices. The South Asian Institute of Policy and Governance (SIPG) at North South University, Dhaka, Bangladesh is a partner organization in conducting the research. Lokniti-CSDS, Delhi of India provide the financial and technical support on training and administering survey instrument, The survey used the standard Global Barometer instrument followed by country-specific questions. The survey was cross-sectional with a targeted population of 3000.