Professor Gias U. Ahsan

Message of Pro Vice-Chancellor

Welcome to North South University, where excellence is nurtured, pursued and celebrated as we work to create positive changes for a better world. Outstanding students, faculty, staff and alumni, partners in government, industry and philanthropy have all combined to position this university in the world. The North South University (NSU) is in the top echelons of Bangladesh’s universities.

Since its inception in 1992, NSU has grown to become Bangladesh's flagship, research-led university, known for the excellence of its teaching, research, and services to local, national and international communities. We will continue to inspire our students, teaching staff & partners with new program initiatives: a world class modern curriculum, research endeavors, professional training, faculty development and utilize the state-of-the-art campus building. Our partnerships with government, business sectors, development organizations, donors and world-renowned universities paving the way for achieving world class reputation.

Our students are the emerging leaders who will help shape tomorrow’s world and create change.

To the prospective students: NSU is the top ranked university of Bangladesh and the first private university where teaching, research & leadership emerge. By choosing NSU, you have decided to take the golden opportunities in Bangladesh. It is a contemporary   university that nourishes not only creative mind but also leadership skills. Our curriculum incorporates cognitive and constructive learning paradigms that are exemplary in Bangladesh. We create professionals and frontiers in their respective fields. We provide platform where you can showcase your talents nationally & globally.  As a student of NSU, you will have the privilege of building linkage all around the world through alumni network and partners. Our alumni are among at the top ranking institutions worldwide, making NSU and Bangladesh proud. 

To the parents: NSU believes in high-quality education. We have partnerships and collaborations with reputed academic, research and industrial institutions worldwide to further enhance the knowledge, experience and skills of our students. We have world class faculty members who are innovative, dedicated, creative researchers and excellent academics. Here, faculties are engaged in assisting students in their pursuits of professional, academic and administrative careers.

To the faculty members: It is the responsibility of the academics to motivate & engage students in realizing their goals. To inspire them to be an excellent global citizen with competing ability through transformative learning, our faculty members are involved in excellent research & programs that addresses current challenges in the respective fields (such as public health, environment, technology and social sciences).

Today, NSU is at the forefront of global campaign and national commitment towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in Bangladesh and the developing world. Our Global Health & Climate Research Institute (NGH&CRI) driving this change with collaborative endeavors, leading to new and innovative ideas for creating sustainable impact.

As Pro-Vice Chancellor, I am deeply committed to appreciating a body of faculty and students dedicated to academic excellence, world-class research, global collaborative partnership and service to society. We are proud of our leadership role in higher education and emerging leadership in developing, contributive learning institution.