Student Activities

 NSU students have excelled in co-curricular and extra curricular activities. From organizing seminars and symposiums to debating and impromptu speech: from drama to music; from publishing student journal to contributing poems and stories to the national dailies: from donating blood to administering polio vaccines-they participate in a whole gamut of activities under 14 different student clubs. The clubs are run by the students and supervised by faculty advisors. The clubs are:

  • Young Entrepreneurs Society
  • NSU Debating Club
  • AIESEC in North South University
  • NSU Shangskritik Shangathan
  • Games and Sports Club
  • NSU Cine & Drama Club
  • Young Economists' Forum
  • MBA Club
  • NSU Computer Club
  • Photography Club
  • Earth Club
  • English Club
  • NSU Media Club

Young Entrepreneurs Society                                                                                           

From the standpoint of Entrepreneurship, there seems to he an interesting flaw in the traditional way we teach in business schools. In such typical school, students are prepared to become excellent followers, but not leaders. The curriculum of most business schools exclude topic of Entrepreneurship. We at NSU believe that Entrepreneurship can and should be taught formally as well as informally in university settings. One of the expressed purposes of YES (Young Entrepreneurs Society) is to promote the concept of Entrepreneurship among the students and to analyze it within the framework of national development. The main mission of the Young Entrepreneurs society is to foster an environment at NSU that is conducive to creating future leaders for the business, industry and other sectors through training, research and public service in the broad area of Entrepreneurship. Visit YES! at                                                                                                                     

NSU Debating Club                                                                                                                

NSU Debating Club is the first student activity club at NSU which has brought national and international recognition to the university through student activities; NSU Debating club is the leading club in terms of earning competitive laurels against other institutions. The missions and goals of this club are to promote the art of debating and public speaking among the students of the university, to train members in the art of reasoning and sharpening their logical thinking skills, to develop self-efficacy and confidence and to enhance the general knowledge base. Principal activities of this club are organizing Intra NSU Debates in both English and Bengali every year, Open Mike Seasons on various current issues, arranging workshops on Debates and organizing or helping in arranging various Inter University Debate Competitions.                                                                   

AIESEC in North South University                                                                                  

AIESEC is the French acronym for 'The International Association of Students in Economics and Management'. It is the world's largest student association started in 1948. AIESEC in Bangladesh began its activities in June 1997 and AIESEC in North South University is a local chapter of AIESEC Bangladesh, which now has a website at: It comprises only the students from NSU. Its activities concentrate mainly on arranging international internships for the NSU students in leading corporations around the world. AIESEC's missions and goals are to give the students clarity of thought in terms of their priorities, develop the students as leaders, give them an exposure to the corporate world and give and opportunity to work in companies abroad.         

NSU Shangskritik Shangathan                                                                                         

NSU Shangskritik Shangathan was established in fall 1994. This club regularly organizes cultural programs celebrating major National events. It also organizes Gazal evenings, Ban] evenings and recreation evenings. The goal of this club is to uplift the culture of Bangladesh by organizing various cultural activities.                                                                                                                      

Games and Sports Club                                                                                                       

During Summer of 1995, a few enthusiastic students came up with an idea of forming a club with a view to promoting games and sports among students. Strategic goals of this club are to develop a healthy environment of sports at NSU and motivate students both in indoor and outdoor sports. Functional objectives of this club are to provide regular games facilities for the students at the Recreation Center, organize a number of sports events every set-nester and participate in events in national and international arena.                                                                                           

NSU Cine & Drama Club                                                                                                      

NSU Cine & Drama club was officially launched on September 22. 1996. From the very beginning of its journey, the club has taken the exponential steps to create a culture of practicing true artistry on campus. The objectives of this club are to develop an overall sense of aesthetics, to appreciate different aspects of theatre performance and cinema, to hold regular discussions, seminars, and workshops on theatre art and art film, and to stage at least one play every year.                                   

Young Economists' Forum                                                                                                 

Young Economists' Forum (YEF) is a platform for NSU students to discuss vital issues facing the national and world economy. The information revolution has brought these issues close to the young minds who fail to comprehend the genesis of such issues and their full-blown impact. The goal of this club is to contribute towards development of Bangladesh economy through understanding the core economics of the nation and using theoretical knowledge of economic solutions.     

MBA Club                                                                                                                                   

The MBA Club, the only graduate level club at NSU, is open to all graduate students of Business Administration. The club organizes regular seminars and symposiums, managerial workshop and management conferences, student debate and periodic visits to venues of events and organizations of interest.                                                                                                                                        

NSU Computer Club                                                                                                              

NSU Computer Club is for the students interested in Information Technology. Since 1994, Computer Club has been a vital forum for the exchange of information and ideas about IT and for building freindship among students who want to build their career through IT. Computer Club offers a good number of publications, seminars, tutorials, and software exhibitions- everything the students need to have in the future without losing touch with their friends. The goals of this club are to create and evaluate a mood of understanding between the job markets of Bangladesh and the computer science students of NSU, to promote the principles of skilled workforce and technical leader of future, to provide a forum for the open discussion of all matters of academic and technical interest (related with IT) and to develop international relationship though opening and maintaining ACM and IEEE student chapter.                                                                                                                                         

Photography Club                                                                                                                  

Photography is "creative" painting with lights and colors. Creativity is an approach as well as a way of seeing. Photography is educational and fun. NSU Photography club is relatively a young club, which was formally introduced to the students in the summer of 1997. The goal of this club is to promote awareness in the art and science of photography among the NSU students and keep visual records of all extracurricular activities of the NSU Students.                                                                   

Earth Club                                                                                                                                 

The initiative of forming Earth Club was taken in 1996. At that time it set its goal to work closely with the Environment Department of NSU and work its way towards building environment consciousness among students through information exchange with various education sector and NGO's organizing Ecology seminars and field trips etceteras. Earth Club aims at building environment awareness firsts among students, and then among others. The awareness primarily includes awareness of nature preservation against the odds of urbanization, over industrialization, and pollution and consumption of resources exceeding sustainability. Earth Club wishes to build a database of all environmental research records. The club also aims to encourage students to take up the responsibility to carry out measures of recycling and publicizing its dire requirements.Visit Eath Club at

English Club                                                                                                                             

English Club provides a platform for students who are fond of writing creatively in English. The goals of this club are to unite students with particular gift and interest in creative writing and give them a forum for discussion and participation, to bring out a student journal entitled English Matters every semester, to organize poetry-reading sessions and literary seminars where well known local writers, poets and dramatists are invited to participate.                                                                   

NSU Media Club                                                                                                                      

NSU Media Club was formed on 14 June 2001. The club is a bridge builder between the students and the alumni, between NSU and other universities worldwide and between NSU and the community which the university serves. NSU News, a regular publication of NSU Media Club, provides an appropriate forum to highlight and disseminate information on academic, co-curricular and extracurricular activities. The goals of this club are developing media related activities like journalism, TV and radio presentations, script writing for the cinema, TV and radio, developing publicity material and photojournalism. The Media Club has taken on the responsibility of focusing reader attention on the academic programs of this university and the student activity programs organized from time to time.                                                                                                                                              

Social Service Club                                                                                                                

The Social Service Club of NSU was established in spring 1994. Its main objective is to stand beside the needy people. The main idea behind the establishment of this club was pot to help the few well off, but to be with those who need assistance the most. Social Service Club's leading activities are blood donation program, Fund Raising Drive for people affected by natural calamities, relief distribution program during natural disaster, and social awareness program like literacy program and drugs awareness program.                                                                                                                   

Cyber Cafe                                                                                                                                 

The Cyber Center of NSU library consists of 20 Pentium-IV brand computers (Dell) connected to 512 Kbps dedicated broadband Internet line. It is open from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. every day except Fridays and public holidays. All NSU students and faculties are allowed to use cyber facilities. They can browse our subscribed 178 online research journals in business, economics, management, finance, marketing, accounting, computer science and engineering, mathematics, English language and literature, environmental studies, sociology, psychology etc. from here and can print, download, and save the internet resources, if needed. They can also have CD writing facilities in this center. The Cyber Center facilities and services are free of cost for the students and faculties of NSU.