University IT

IT Services: 

The main objective of ISD is to look after the total technological infrastructure of NSU. It goes without saying that ISD provides intensive technical support to all the active computers around 1250 Intel Core i5 Computer Processor PCs and printers (around 70 HP LaserJet Network printer) assigned to faculty, officers and others which are located in different places around the whole University Campus. ISD also conducts a highly elegant E-mail Service system, which is provided to a very big number of members in NSU family. Mention may be also be made of the fact that all these computers used in different places are provided with efficient Internet system.

Below are the major IT services highlighted.

NSU Campus Networking and Telecommunication Systems: 

North South University has built a 12,50,000 square feet campus in Bashundhara, Dhaka, supported by a Convergent Network that supports more than 3200 network workstations with 1200 faculty / staff and over 10,000 students. The North South University has been continuously evolving to cope with the ever-changing user requirements and to adapt new technologies and standards. The current network consists of  structured cabling with 3200 nodes , 5000 meters 10 Gigabit (SM/MM) Fiber Optics Backbone and 75,000 meters Cat6 UTP Cable that supports multi-layer switching, QoS (Quality of Service) and IP Multicasting, thus data, voice and video traffic can be carried concurrently over the same convergent network.

 The campus network backbone is implemented using a redundant pair of Cisco Catalyst 6509 Switches with 02(two) high-end 7200 Cisco Routers, 13( thirteen) Cisco Catalyst 4500 Distribution Switches, 30(thirty) Cisco Catalyst 3750 PoE Access Switches, 36(thirty six) Cisco Catalyst 3650-TSS Non-PoE Access Switches, 08 (eight) Cisco Catalyst 3750E Server Farm Switches, 80(eighty) Cisco Aironet-1130AG Series Wi-Fi Access Points, 12 (Twelve) Cisco Aironet-1520AG Series Wi-Fi Outdoor units,  02(Two) Cisco Call Managers 7835 for IP Telephony System, VoIP Gateway 3845 Router, 4E1(PRI) MUX, 02(Two) Network Admission Controller (NAC), 02(Two) Internet Firewall -ASA 5540, 02(Two) Core Firewalls and 150 IP based CCTV Cameras.

NSU Data Center: 

The NSU Data Center is equipped with 4(four) IBM System P550 Servers (RISC, Unix), 7(seven) IBM System X3650 Servers (Intel CISC), HP-UX 5430r Server, Sun Fire 280R and Dell PowerEdge Servers, Precision Air Conditioning, humidity control, FM200 fire detection and suppression systems. The infrastructure is protected by Network Access Control Server, IBM System Storage DS4000, IBM SAN Switches, and IBM TS3310 Tape Library for a strong backup of all data as well as more than 80 terabytes of data inside of Storage Area Network (SAN).

 A 40 KVA APC Module based Power Backup system is installed specifically for the data center to supplement a 400 KVA Gen Set gas generator for auxiliary power.

DMZ/Server Farm Systems: 

NSU boasts an Always-On Server Room that is equipped with fail proof redundant technology that is comparable to Telecom / International standards. The Data Center is equipped with four IBM System P550 Servers, seven IBM System X3650 Servers, HP-UX, and Dell Servers, Cisco Core Switches and Routers mentioned above, Precision Air Conditioning, humidity control, access control, raised floor, FM200 fire detection and suppression systems. The infrastructure is protected by Network Access Control Server, IBM System Storage DS4000, IBM SAN Switches, and IBM TS3310 Tape Library for a strong backup of all data.

 Wireless Campus Network:

North South University has developed its wireless campus network using Cisco Aironet Wireless equipments and it very well may be the largest in the country. More than 92 Wi-Fi access points have been installed over the campus to support 2,000 teachers, officials, guests and students in classrooms, lecture halls, cafeteria, indoor and outdoor common areas to establish a secure wireless network requiring access and password authentication which are compliant to the IEEE802.11a/b/g standards.

 IP Telephony Exchange:

The whole campus is supported by IP Telephony Systems that is equipped with Cisco Call Manager 7835 system, Cisco IP telephones, and a team of no less than 10 members that include operators and engineers. The local exchange system will be connected to the National Exchange via 04(E1) ISDN PRI Fiber Optic lines from BTCL supporting 120 telephone lines for vast and contention free access.

Computer Laboratories:

The Computer Laboratories of North South University provide the best possible services to the university community through a general purpose laboratory  and other laboratories such as Network Laboratory, Hardware Laboratory, Programming Laboratory, Database Laboratory, Internet Laboratory and General purpose Laboratory & Printing Zone consisting of around 700 Intel  Core i5 Computer Processor PCs (Dell & HP), 50 Thin Clients ( Sun Ray 100) and 10 high computational SUN workstations (Sun Blade 150) and all are connected through campus wide Local Area Network (LAN) with 10G Fibre-optic & Gigabit UTP connectivity. These laboratories are being served by local servers as well as high end servers located at the Data Center. Apart from that, there is a dedicated Sun Systems Laboratory comprising of 50 Thin Clients (SunRay 100) and 10 high computational SUN workstations (SunBlade 150) along with a dedicated Sun Fire V280R Server.  

Geographic Information System (GIS) Laboratory:

The Environmental Studies Department also has a state-of-the-art Geographic Information System (GIS) laboratory equipped with ARC INFO/ARC VIEW, IDRISI, fast PCs, scanner, large screen TV, digitizer and plotter. In this lab, students get a unique opportunity for spatial analyses, digitizing maps, managing geographical database, developing GIS based resource management projects. Besides regular classes, tutorials and practice sessions are engaged frequently to develop the skill of the students for wider application of GIS software.

IT Help Desk Support:

ISD provides help desk support for the students from 08:00 AM- 10:00 PM in everyday in a semester. It offers instant services to the students by file storing & sharing, course materials, Internet, Email, WiFi and providing printing facilities by high speed network printer (HP LaserJet 9000n).

Students' Advising System:

ISD provides online advising system to the students so that they get self-advising in every semester which offers students to get quick and contemporary course registration system

Multimedia Support:

ISD supports around 140 multimedia projectors in the classrooms to make the study material more vivid and interactive to the students and it also extends these facilities to different in-house workshop and cultural programs.

NSU WebPages:

The is quite out of date and ISD has started update the common pages of the website, where as the faculty pages need to be updated by respective faculty members. Right now, the rating of the website is bit low due to the content of the website, such as up-to-date information, papers & journals, up-to-date documents. ISD does routine update at the website. Due to shortage of expert manpower, ISD is doing a bit slow in that respect.

NSU has also taken steps to revitalize the NSU official website and allocated fund and a webmaster as an ISD headcount for smooth functioning. A new website with latest features will be developed by a professional vendor very shortly.

Special Events:

The ISD has been providing intensive services of a high technical standard and of an enviable efficiency for ACM Inter Collegiate Programming Contest for a fairly long time and also to other important academic & professional events e.g. ICTP FPGA Workshop, Annual Soft fairs, students activities etc. It may be borne in mind that most of the laboratory-oriented works and technological activities are supported and supervised by the Information Services Department.

Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance (MSDN AA):

The agreement relating to this had been signed quite some time back in 2005. ISD has revived the agreement under which students and faculties of NSU will get access to vast licensed resources of Microsoft. The roll out has started through NSU Wireless Forum. ISD has hosted the Microsoft software in a repository server for unrestricted access within NSU network. No cost were involved from NSU side.

BdREN (Bangladesh Research and Education Network):

This is a consortium of universities sharing it resources through inter-university connectivity. The project is being done by UGC (University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh) with Ministry of Education, Bangladesh. UGC had been trying to implement this making NSU a pivot point but had been unsuccessful. ISD had revived the same and the provided NAC 766 for BDREN collocation. The fiber optic and network equipment had been installed and the inter university dark fiber installation is in process. No cost were involved from NSU side.

Please visit for details on BdREN.