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Nur Newaz Khan

Full-Time Faculty

Assistant Professor  

PhD in Medical Anthropology, The Australian National University (ANU), Australia.

Master of Culture, Health and Medicine, ANU, Australia

Phone: +880-2-55668200 Ext: 6159

Office: NAC: 909, PSS, NSU.




Nur Newaz Khan is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science and Sociology. He holds a PhD in Medical Anthropology from the Australian National University (ANU). His doctoral thesis focuses on vernacular biomedicine at retail pharmacies and complexities with practitioners' authority in Bangladesh.

He also completed the advanced master's degree in Culture, Health and Medicine (Medical Anthropology) in 2015 from the ANU with a High Distinction. He also holds bachelor's and master's degrees in Anthropology from Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh. He has a strong research background with over seven years of experience in international development organizations like BRAC University and icddr,b before joining NSU. He specializes in socio-anthropological theories, qualitative research methods, and medical anthropology.  Nur has diverged research interests but is currently focusing on health disparities, pharmacuticalization, refugee health, cultural heritage and structural violence forming in different spheres of society, particularly in developing countries. 


[Book Chapter] Khan, N Nur., 2023, “Students’ Perception of Online Education during COVID-19 and its effectiveness: North South University as a Case study”, in “Life in the Time of COVID-19: Perspectives and Realities in Bangladesh” edited by Bulbul Siddiqi, Ishrat Zakia Sultana, and Sk Tawfique M Haque, North South University, Bangladesh.

Siddiqi, M. Bulbul and Khan, N. Nur (2022), ''Social Stigma and Suffering: Perceptions, Practices and Impacts around COVID-19 in Bangladesh”, South Asia Multidisciplinary Academic Journal [Online], 29.  

Naved, R. T., & Khan, N. N. (2019). Multilevel Control Over Sexuality of Unmarried Adolescent Girls and Related Violence: A Qualitative Exploration in Slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Journal of Interpersonal Violence

Khan N. Nur, (2017). Understanding the Meaning of ‘Home’ and Mental Health among Refugees beyond Biomedical Approaches, The Journal of Anthropology, Volume 22, Department of Anthropology, Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh.

Khan, N. Nur, (2017). Maternal and child health in Bangladesh: a critical look at the policy and the sustainable development goals. Asian Journal of Medical and Biological Research3(3), 298-304. Available at:

Khan, N Nur, (2017), Seasonal migration induced spousal separation and infertility: growing evidences demand significance in developing countries, International Journal of Perceptions in Public Health, [S.l.], v. 1, n. 4, p. 215-217, sep. 2017. ISSN 2399-8164. Available at: <>. 

Khan, N Nur., (2016), Entertainment-Education as public health tools in changing health behavior: global applications and an example of popular TV drama in Bangladesh, The Journal of Anthropology, Volume 21, Department of Anthropology, Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh.

Khan, N Nur., (2016), Environmental Factors, Perceived Normal Illnesses and Chronic Poverty Among the Urban Poor of Dhaka City, The Journal of Social Studies, Vol: 151, July-September, Center for Social Studies (CSS) Dhaka, Bangladesh.

[Book] Nur N. Khan, (2015), What are the roles, actions and positions of non-formal biomedical prescribers and providers in developing countries? A systematic literature review (master’s thesis), The Australian National University, GRIN Publishers, Germany. ISBN: 9783668272187.

Camellia,S., Khan, N Nur., Naved, T Ruchira., (2012), Violence  against  Unmarried  Adolescent  girls  in  Dhaka  slums,  2012, working paper no. 176, Dhaka, icddr,b.  

Khan, N Nur., (2012), Bangladeshe pratishthanik amlatontrer bastobota o nirdirto prekhite amlatontrer priogik bohumatrikota (Reality of organizational bureaucracy in Bangladesh and applied dynamics of bureaucracy in particular context); (published in Bengali), Somaj Nirikhhon 120, January-March 2012, Center for Social Studies, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Khan, N Nur., (2011), Chayanov ebong Sunirdisto Dhoroner Orthoniti Hishabe Krishok Somajer totta   (Chayanov   and   Peasantry   as   a specific type of Economy); (translation into Bengali form original article in English by Basile Kerblay, Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes (EPHE), Sorbonne), Somaj Nirikhhon 116, January-March 2011, Center for Social Studies, Dhaka, Bangladesh.



Nur, N Khan., Becky Mitchel., Masum Billah., (2016),  Evaluation of GoB, UNICEF, CIFF initiative to facilitate and accelerate implementation of the Bangladesh National Nutrition Services: Qualitative Findings (evaluation report unpublished submitted to donor), icddr,b Dhaka, Bangladesh.  

Naved, T Ruchira., Talukder A, Farhad, M Shariar., Khan, N Nur., (2013), Community Perspective on addressing Violence Against Women and Girls in Bangladesh, project paper submitted to DFID from icddr,b.

Naved, T Ruchira., Rahman Harisur, Khan, N Nur., (2011), A Rapid Assessment of Gender in Agriculture of Bangladesh, co-authored report submitted from icddr,b to WorldFish, IRRI, CIMMYT.


  • Awarded The Australian National University (ANU) Merit Fee Scholarship and ANU Research Scholarship International for PhD in Medical Anthropology.
  • Nominated as “Outstanding Australian Awards Student” from The Australian National University in 2014-15 for excellent academic performance to attend the ‘40 year’s celebration of the Australian Aid program’ and meeting with Julie Bishop, the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Canberra, Australia.   
  • Australian Awards (former AusAid) full scholarship for 2 years master degree 2014 intake. 
  • University Merit Scholarship 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 for academic performance in Anthropology at Jahangirnagar University.
  • Life Member of Notre Dame College Rover Scout unit,  Dhaka, Bangladesh for  outstanding  performance  and  achievements  in  International  Rover  moot  in  2000.  

PhD in Medical Anthropology, 2023, School of Archaeology and Anthropology, The Australian National University (ANU), Australia. 

Thesis Paper: The Ambiguous Authority and Cultural Economy of Vernacular Biomedicine at Retail Pharmacies in Bangladesh

Master of Culture, Health and Medicine (Advanced), 2015, College of Arts and Social Scinece and ANU College of Medicine, Biology and Environment, The Australian National University, Australia (High Distinction). 

Thesis paper: What are the roles, actions and positions of non-formal biomedical prescribers and providers in developing countries? a systematic review of the literature

MSS in Anthropology, 2007,  Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka, Bangladesh (First Class)
Thesis paper: Environmental Problem and Chronic illness among the urban poor: an in-depth look at urban poverty 

BSS in Anthropology, 2006, Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka, Bangladesh (First Class)


Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science and Sociology (PSS), North South University, Bangladesh, from December 2023 to the present.

Lecturer at Political Science and Sociology, North South University, from August 2016 to December 2023.

Research Investigator at International Centre for Diarrhoeal Diseases Research, Bangladesh (icddr,b); May- July, 2016

Senior Research Officer at International Centre for Diarrhoeal Diseases Research, Bangladesh (icddr,b); Feb22,  2011- April 30, 2016

Research Assistant at BRAC Development Institute, BRAC University, Bangladesh; Mar 1, 2010- Dec 31, 2010

Research Assistant to Dr David Hulme Brooks World Poverty Institute, University of Manchester, England; Jan 2010-Feb 2010

Research Assistant to Nikola Bnaks,  Brooks World Poverty Institute, University of Manchester, England; Sept 2008-Jun 2009

Introduction to Anthropology (ANT 101), PSS Department 
Introduction to Sociology (SOC 101), PSS Department 

  • Member of the Golden Key International Honour Society ( the Australian National University (ANU) Chapter.
  • Member of the Australia Alumni Association Bangladesh (
  • Member of the Australian National University Bangladeshi Student Association (ANUBSA); served as Student welfare officer for  from October 2014 to December 2015.
  • Member of the Australian National University Alumni Association, Canberra, Australia.
  • Member of the Anthropology Alumni Association (AAA), Department of Anthropology, Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh.

Current Research projects:

Cultural Competency and Mental Health Management in Rohingya Refugee Camps in Bangladesh: A Qualitative Study, 2024. Center for Peace Studies (CPS), NSU. Role: Principle Investigator (PI) 

Understanding Cultural Heritage of Ethnic Communities in Bangladesh: A Pilot Study In Sylhet. China South-Aisa Centre for Sociocultral Studies (CSCSS), 2024, NSU. Role: Principle Investigator (PI) 

Research Interests:

Anthropology of health and illness, biomedical systems, health and pharmaceuticalization, Bioethics in health, refugee health, mental health and society, alternative and ethno-medicine, Health, Bureaucracy and structural violence, gender, health and violence against women, systematic review in social science. Ethnography and other anthropological research methods, media and social impacts, South Asia and health.