CMS Publications
CMS Policy Brief- 3 (Policy Paper 19)

Title: “Gender Dynamics of Experiences, Challenges and Empowerment Factors of International Female Migrant Workers”
Authors: Ms. Tata Zafar, Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Political Science & Sociology (PSS); Member, CMS, NSU & Ms. Sidhrah Mantaha Noha, Research Assistant, Center for Migration Studies (CMS) of SIPG, NSU

CMS Policy Brief- 2 (Policy Paper 18)

Title: “Migrants in Times of Crisis”
Authors: Professor Shahidul Haque SIPG, NSU & Md. Parvez Hasan Yousuf, Research Associate, SIPG & Member Secretary, CMS, NSU.

CMS Policy Brief- 1 (Policy Paper 15)

Title: “The RMG Sector Goes Ahead Leaving its Workers Behind”
Authors: Dr. Ishrat Zakia Sultana Assistant Professor, Department of PSS, Member,CMS, NSU & Ms. Sidhrah Mantaha Noha Research Assistant, CMS, SIPG, NSU.