The Center for Peace Studies

A Brief Description of CPS

The Center for Peace Studies (CPS) is an interdisciplinary initiative, which aims to facilitate the academic study of peacebuilding and the promotion of a resilient society through evidence-based and empirical research at North South University (NSU). CPS is a platform for academics, researchers and practitioners from diverse academic backgrounds working together to create a peaceful world with a focus on sustainable and inclusive solutions for contemporary humanitarian crises. CPS is located under the South Asian Institute of Policy and Governance (SIPG) at North South University.

The Center aspires to be a hub of academic research and activity in the areas of conflict studies and peace promotion that will have national, regional and global implications. It is an initiative of a group of able, well-qualified and energetic core faculty members of NSU who are committed to excel in their own careers and contribute to furthering the excellence of North South University. It is strongly hoped that through activities led by this group of academicians, CPS will play a central role in the promotion of peace education & training.

Vision | Promoting peace through people

Mission | Developing sustainable and inclusive approaches to peacebuilding through evidence-based knowledge and skill development

Research Themes:

·         Stereotypes and other worldviews that often lead to conflict due to their polarizing effect

·         Global and regional humanitarian crises, displacement and other issues that may have effects on peace

·         The role of education in skill building for conflict prevention

·         Understanding the root causes of tension and conflict in various multifaceted contexts to develop preventive strategies in South Asia

·         Migration, displacement and social transformation

·         Inviting scholars from across the disciplines to carry out research in their respective fields of specialization toward the prevention, mitigation and transformation of conflict.

CPS Brochure