Working Papers
Working Paper, series 11:

Title: The World has an Achilles Heel: A Moral Argument that NATO should be Dismantled.

Author: Norman K. Swazo, Professor of Philosophy in the Department of History and Philosophy, North South University

Working Paper, series 10:

Title: A Review of Chittagong Hill Tracts Peace Accord

This working paper made an overview of the context, content of the CHT Peace Accord, and the pace and state of its implementation in different regimes of Bangladesh. The paper also explores the development implications of the accord. It concludes with some way forward for peacebuilding in the CHT.

Author: Professor Salahuddin M Aminuzzaman, Advisor, SIPG

Working Paper, series 9:

Title: COVID-19 Pandemic and China’s Challenges to US Global Leadership
Author: Dr. Mohammed Nuruzzaman, Professor, Department of Political Science and Sociology

Working Paper, series 8:

Title: The Challenge to Peace Research in the 21st Century
Author: Norman K. Swazo, Professor of Philosophy, Department of History and Philosophy, and Director, Office of Research-NSU

Working Paper, series 7:

Title: Policy Challenges towards Rohingya Crisis in Bangladesh
Author: Dr. Bulbul Siddiqi, Associate Professor, Dept. of Political Science and Sociology and Director, Confucius Institute, NSU and Palash Kamruzzaman, Senior Lecturer in Social Policy, University of South Wales, UK

Working Paper, series 6:

Title: Policy and Governance Challenges : Case Study of Mega City - Dhaka
Author: Salahuddin M. Aminuzzaman, Adviser, SIPG Program, North South University

The global urban pattern provides some critical evidence and predicts that urban areas will play an increasing role in absorbing large shares of the world population. As the cities are growing, the challenges to adapt the changing context and complexities are getting difficult. Urbanization provides South Asian countries with the potential to transform their economies to join the ranks of richer nations in both prosperity and livability.

Considering the given context, the working paper explores the policy and governance challenges in the mega cities of South Asia take Dhaka as a case.


Working Paper, series 5:

Title: Sustainable Development Goals
           Concepts, Debates and Concerns: An Overview in the Context of South Asia
Author: Salahuddin M. Aminuzzaman, Adviser, SIPG Program, North South University

The 2030 Agenda encompasses the three core dimensions of economic, social and environmental development and offers to South Asian countries a unique pathway to eradicate poverty and hunger and to provide a life of dignity for all while paying attention to environmental sustainability.

Against that backdrop, this working paper explores the opportunities that the SDGs represent for their sustainable transformation, and the implementation challenges for achieving the SDGs.


MPPG Working Paper, series 4

Title: Devolution versus Deconcentration: Land Service Delivery System in Sri Lanka
Author: M K Nadeeka Damayanthi, Research Officer at the Hector Kobbekaduwa Agrarian Research and Training Institute in Sri Lanka (2nd Batch of MPPG)

MPPG Working Paper, series 3

Title: Exploring the Realities of Service Delivery in the Offices of Assistant Commissioner (Land) in Dhaka city
Author: Mahmood Ibne Kasem, PS to Secretary, Bridges Division (Senior Assistant Secretary), Ministry of Communication (2nd Batch of MPPG)

MPPG Working Paper, series 2

Title: Doctor Patient Communication in Health Care Service Delivery: A Case of Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital, Kathmandu
Author: Sarbani Kattel, Senior Project Officer, National Business Initiative, Nepal (1st Batch of MPPG)

MPPG Working Paper, series 1

Title: People's Participation in Development Project in Rural Bangladesh
Author: Sheikh Noor Mohammad, Senior Assistant Secretary in the Cabinet Division of the Government of Bangladesh (1st Batch of MPPG).