Research Institutes
Global Health Institute (NGHI)
Research Mission Statement

Creating a pathway & platform for better health through advancing the knowledge on contemporary Global health issues and train the next generation leaders to tackle today’s pressing problems and issues through innovation, research, network and advocacy

Genome Research Institute (NGRI)
Research Mission Statement

NGRI will be a platform to maximize research efficiencies with proper grants from national and international donors. With the establishment of such word class facilities the institute will serve as the strong basis for sustainable research establishment by offering PhD and Postdoctoral positions and resulting in high quality publications.

The institute will also ensure the establishment of global leadership in the area of capacity development, innovation, research, evaluation, publications, network and advocacy.

South Asian Institute of Policy and Governance (SIPG)
Research Mission Statement

The institute also aims to be get actively involved through research and extension with strategic ministries by providing policy analysis and research support to develop new and innovative tools and approaches to address different policy and development challenges. The long-term aim of the Institute is to establish its reputation as a world class research institution for the study and practice of governance and public policy. It would also work closely with different Schools of NSU to conduct multidisciplinary research.

  • Analyzing policy and governance issues and discourses (contemporary and historical) through Bangladeshi, South Asian, and international researchers, scholars, and experts
  • Developing network and partnership with national, regional and international institutions for knowledge generation, dissemination and capacity building
Economics Research Platform (ERP)
Research Mission Statement

To boost economic research and policy analysis within NSU and beyond by leading, undertaking and facilitating:

  • Independent & commissioned research & policy studies;
  • Research collaboration across disciplines within NSU and beyond;
  • In-house training programs & short-courses; and
  • Effective dissemination of ERP-NSU research & policy analysis.