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The NSU Center for Business Research (NSU-CBR) aims to focus on fostering research and innovation, advancing business knowledge and development, facilitating intellectual exchange and collaboration, and establishing thought leadership in the field.

The NSU-CBR serves as a dynamic hub for scholars, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and policymakers. With a fusion of research and practical application, we endeavor to bridge the gap between theory and real-world implementation, serving as a beacon of transformation and progress.

The Center fosters partnerships between academia and industry, facilitating exchange of ideas, best practices, and emerging trends. Our dynamic array of workshops, seminars, and conferences provides a platform for networking and knowledge sharing, propelling organizations towards innovation and sustainable growth. Join us in shaping the future of business through research and innovation, unlocking new insights, forging invaluable partnerships, and driving the evolution of business practices.

Vision & Mission


Our Vision:

The NSU Center for Business Research will create an outstanding climate of investigation and knowledge development at NSU focusing on local, regional, and global businesses and economies enabling stellar research advances.

Our Mission:

   To enable our business research community achieve success, the NSU Center for Business Research has the following missions:

    To partner with the business research community to develop a culture of research excellence

    To build and continuously update reliable economic and business databases on Bangladesh

    To promote shared responsibility, ethical research, and research integrity

    To enhance business researchers’ ability to obtain and manage grants

    To invest in promising research projects.

    To create a transparent research administration, infrastructure, and streamlined process for facilitating research

    To advocate for the needs of the NSU business and economics research community

    To broaden awareness amongst stakeholders on the value of business and economic research at NSU

    To develop strong relationships with funding bodies

    To enhance international research competencies in NSU business academics

    To support interdisciplinary research at NSU


Upcoming Events

Registration for CityAlo Women Entrepreneurship Training Program

This esteemed certificate program is offered by North South University (NSU) - the #1 University in Bangladesh. Enrolling in this program offers a multitude of advantages, including the prestigious certificate itself, a distinguished crest, an enriching follow-up training seminar, and the valuable opportunity to become a part of the CityAlo Women Entrepreneurs' Network, which boasts over 400 accomplished graduates.

Distinguished NSU professors, well-versed in the intricacies of entrepreneurship and business management, will impart their wisdom during this program. Classes are scheduled for nine consecutive Saturdays, commencing at 9 AM and concluding at 12 PM, all taking place at the NSU campus.

For more information, please visit our FB pages at:

Major Programs


We expect to undertake a number of programs, some of them are listed below: 


Database Development

  • Build, house, maintain, and be a source for highly reliable databases for the consumption of research society and information-seekers.
  • Continuously seek what type of database may be in demand in the future by the research community.
  • Improve access to key information.

Capability Development

  • House, subscribe, and maintain high quality research and analytical software for the researchers.
  • Promote a culture of continuous process improvement.
  • Cultivate an environment that stimulates, challenges, and grows staff knowledge, skills and competencies through continuous learning.
  • Encourage staff engagement and participation at all levels of process improvement and achievement of NSU-CBR goals.
  • Develop NSU-CBR leaders and career paths for facilitating upward mobility within the organization.
  • Arrange, and conduct training programs designed for government, non-government, and corporate organizations to enhance the job skills of people at various levels of management.  
  • The Center will aspire to improve application of technology at workplaces of all types to make employees at all levels more tech-savvy.
  • Help researchers in grant proposal writing.

Assist non-PhD faculty members in writing PhD proposals and provide them with guidelines to seek admission in PhD programs. 


Collaboration and Funding

  • Develop strategies and plans for open and clear communication.
  • Lower barriers to collaboration.
  • Develop effective relationships with process partners and the campus research community.

Research Environment Development

  • Provide exceptional research administrative services while effectively managing risks and opportunities.
  • Improve researcher productivity and satisfaction by reducing the administrative burden.
  • Streamline business processes.
  • Embrace a culture of transparency and accountability.
  • Identify and adapt best practices.


Broader Programs

  • Provide valuable input to institutional and national policy bodies that may impact business and economic research.
  • Present NSU CBR as a powerful facility to attract and to retain academics.
  • Initiate programs to integrate business research and business education at graduate and undergraduate level.
  • Engage with media disseminate research findings to broader public.
  • Be a part of the networks of Research Centers around the world.
  • Seek funding for research activities and collaborate with other Research Centers and academics on research.

Seminars and workshops

  • Host associates, post-docs, and visiting professors to support/enhance on-going research at NSU and also to chart new avenues through collaboration with researchers from other institutions.
  • Design, arrange, and conduct workshops/seminars/conferences on topics of interest.
  • Offer training courses, certificate courses to the general population to enhance professional and research skills.
  • Organize, host, facilitate, and participate in national and international conference on business and economic issues.


Research Projects

  • Offer contract research and consulting services to the government, NGOs, businesses and associations.
  • Conduct surveys, design questionnaires, and pilot test research designs.
  • Monitor progress of funded and unfunded research in SBE connected to NSU- CBR
Previous Events

Research Seminar on  Managing Receivables for Manufacturing and Trading Firms in Bangladesh

Date: 5th October, 2020 11 am - 12.30 pm


Sharif N. Ahkam (Contact Author, Professor: Accounting and Finance)

Nazmun Nahar (Senior Lecturer: Accounting and Finance)

Shabnin Rahman Shorna(Lecturer: Management)

Program recording link:


Research Seminar on FinTech in Bangladesh

Date: 12th November 2.00pm to 3.30 pm

Presenter: Mr. Ifty Islam, Chairman, Asian Tiger Capital & Global Head of Business Development, Kingdom International.

Program recording link: 


Passcode: 4c9%f%nr


Research Seminar on Sustainability Reporting

Date: 22th December, from 11.00 am to 1.00 pm

Presenter: Dr. Habib Zaman Khan (University of Canberra), Dr. Sudipta Bose (University of Newcastle Sydney), Dr. Abu Taher Mollik (University of Canberra) and Dr. Harun Harun (University of Canberra)

Title of the paper is 'Green Washing' or 'Authentic Effort'? An Empirical Investigation of the Quality of Sustainability Reporting by Banks'. This paper is accepted for publication (in October 2020) in Accounting Auditing & Accountability Journal, a top ranked journal (ABDC A*/ SCOPUS Q1).

Program recording link:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 867 4632 0053
Passcode: 116557



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While the Center will be an independent entity hosted by the SBE, the Director of the NSU CBR will report to the Vice Chancellor and the Vice Chancellor will keep the Board of Trustees apprised of the activities of the NSU CBR.


NSU CBR will interact with all the academic disciplines of the University even though the interest of the Center is mostly concentrated on business and economic issues.  A continuous interactive relationship should develop between the NSU CBR and all schools, Institutes and Centers of the university. Program contents and research reports will be saved at the Center Office and recorded on the university archive and reported and advertised on Center website. The University’s technology system will provide the necessary support to facilitate the interaction between the NSU CBR and all schools.  The IT department will also assist in managing a structure to disseminate the information on achievement in the research arena of NSU, highlight major activities, and provide necessary research support in terms of software, data collection, data storage, data base building and archiving.  The treasurer’s office, in conjunction with the Director, Finance and Accounts, will ensure that proper policy is followed in disbursement of funds and oversee the budgets of NSU CBR.  A separate account of NSU CBR within the NSU accounting system will be maintained.  

The following functional organogram is descriptive of the NSU CBR (proposed).  


Figure: Organogram of NSU CBR




The NSU CBR shall undertake various programs. These programs shall often be concentrated on various disciplines within business and economic research. To offer smooth operations of these programs for different research concentrations, NSU CBR will have several focused areas for research (identified as Cell in the above diagram) with designated Head of Research Cells. Few notable areas would be index development for the economy or a specific sector, Entrepreneurship development, Big Data analytics, skill development and organization competency, CSR and societal development, climate change and sustainability, consumer behavior, financial market analysis, SME development, corporate governance and ethics, and migration, poverty, and economic development. New cells may be added depending on the interest of the faculty members, students, and the general public. The Heads of Research Cells shall work with NSU CBR staff to oversee progress of various programs. The Director shall call regular meetings to discuss progress of various programs.


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Contact Us

Professor Niaz Ahmed, Ph.D.
Director, NSU Center for Business Research
Office: NAC 701
North South University
Bashundhara R/A
Dhaka 1229, Bangladesh
Phone: +88 02 55668200, ext. 6107