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LMS: Canvas

Login Process: All Users

Please follow the steps below:

1.  Login to NSU Email System
2. Click on this link: Canvas Login..
3. You will see canvas dashboard

knowledge Base
Following few features are important to start with (Fall 2021):
1. To check and to confirm Summer courses in the Canvas dashboard. 
2. To check and to confirm students in Canvas. Number of students should be similar between RDS and Canvas.. ( Ignoring the drops for now)
3. To check and to confirm the "Welcome" module in Canvas
4. To create a Google Meet link in the "Welcome" module.
5. To check Google Drive from Canvas. 
6. To identify the course designer 
There are trainers in School and at the Department level to take your questions. However, IT office is also conducting a virtual IT session every day from 2pm to 3pm.  You are most welcome to avail any of those opportunities.
Tasks Not Requred
The following administrative and operational works are no longer needed. 
1. Do not need to send class code to the students any more.  
2. Do not need to send the virtual class link to the students. 
3. Do not need to create any class
4. Do not need to archive any class. 
5. Do not need to invite any students. 
6. Do not need to share your lecture notes separately if it is already in the module. 
7. Do not need to worry about sharing Syllabus proactively.  
8. Do not need to worry who is dropping or who is getting added. 
Course Details
Major & Minor

6. Manual: Canvas Login for Laptop

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