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General Education (GED)

General Education Courses

General Education courses provide you with a common, broad-based, well-rounded experience by exposing you to a variety of curriculum areas. These separate but complementary experiences will give you a quality education, putting you on a path for an exciting career and a productive life.

The department offers three General Education Courses for other non-biological sciences undergraduate programs:

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Biology I



Advance Biology



General Chemistry


BIO103: Biology I (3 Credits)

The objective of this course is to provide a basic knowledge and understanding of the major integrating concepts of biological science. Principle emphasis of the course will be on studying living organisms and processes. Upon completion, students will have basics concepts on what is life and characteristics of life, Proper definition of biology and its areas, Cells and cell division, Macromolecules and Nutrition, Biological levels of organization, Human physiology concentration on major systems and diseases. This course is appropriate for non science students and also for those who do not have biology as major.

BIO210: Advance Biology (3 Credits)

This course is designed to be a fundamental introduction to one of the pivotal fields in modern biology. Introduction to Molecular Biology is an attempt to explain the chemical processes that characterize “life.” It introduces biological macromolecules with their structure and function. It also introduces DNA as the genetic blueprint for life and explores how it functions within the cell at a molecular level. It provides grounding in areas such as gene structure, function and biotechnology. This course also deals with gene expression and the methods in DNA cloning.

CHE101: General Chemistry (3 Credits)
This course covers fundamental principles of chemistry. Topics include measurement, atomic and molecular structure, periodicity, chemical reactions, chemical bonding, stoichiometry, thermochemistry, Chemical Equilibrium and Kinetics, gas laws and solutions. This course is appropriate as a basic chemistry course or as a science elective for students who have science, engineering, or mathematics majors. Upon completion, students will be able to- Define chemistry as the study of matter, can apply the basic concepts in their future studies and apply safe laboratory skills to solve problems in a cooperative environment.