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The Department of Management was formed and inaugurated in 2014. Prior to 2014, Management was offered as one of the majors under Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program. However, for better governance and quality education, the department had been reorganized and established in Spring of 2014. Department of Management currently offers BBA Degree in five majors. The majors offered from the department are Management, Management Information System (MIS), Human Resource Management (HRM), Supply Chain Management, and Entrepreneurship.

The department is the cutting-edge hub of management in South Asia for its courses, number of students, quality of faculty members in terms of teaching and educational background, and extent of knowledge dissemination and contribution in existing state of the art concept of the management on a global basis. This department consists of 53 core and 24 adjunct faculty members. The department’s faculty members are graduates and doctorates from some of the world’s leading universities such as Cambridge, John Hopkins, Monash, Northeastern, Manchester, Carleton, Waterloo, Ryerson, and more. It is internationally recognized for the local and foreign faculty members who have the knowledge and capability to support the academic environment of a university.    

The department set its vision to address, create, and customize management reflecting domestic cultural traits doctrines equivalent to global standards since its inception. It has proclaimed to develop human resource equipped with efficient, flexible, and dynamic management knowledge and experience. This department contains several committees comprised of senior faculty members who continuously review the curriculum and all course materials for existing and forthcoming courses. Following the guidelines of these committees' recommendations, all course materials are revised and amended, while emerging courses are evaluated thoroughly. This is an ongoing process, and this department has continuously engaged in developing and improving the overall teaching methods to be consistent with the standards of higher education in North America.

Apart from their teaching responsibilities, faculty members are engaged in research activities as well. These faculty members are now the essential part of global research arena and they are publishing philanthropic research studies in numerous leading journals published from North America, Australia and Europe such as Government Information Quarterly, Applied Economics, International Journal of Psychology, Information Systems Frontiers, Journal of Information Management, Journal of Computer Information Systems, Australasian Journal of Information Systems, Society and Business Review, etc. The Department of Management extensive business cases exceed 50 in number and cover diversifies industries and sectors. Business cases published in journals such as Vision - The Journal of Business Perspective (Sage Publications), South Asian Journal of Business & Management Cases (Sage Publications), Global Business Review (Sage Publications), FIIB Business Review (Sage Publications), Asia-Pacific Journal of Management Research & Innovation (Sage Publications), Decision (Springer), Business Perspectives & Research (Sage Publications), SAGE Business Cases (Sage Publications), Journal of Operations & Strategic Planning (Sage Publications), and Asian Case Research Journal (National University of Singapore/World Scientific Publishing).

Location: North Academic Building (NAC) 8th Floor
Number of Core Faculty Members: 53
Number of Core Faculty Members on study Leave: 2
Number of Adjunct Faculty: 24
Department Chairman : Dr. Jashim Uddin Ahmed, Tel: 55668200, Ext. 1705
Department Secretary: Ms. Umma Jakia, Tel: 55668200 ext. 1730
Student activity: HR Club

Chairman's Message


Welcome to the Department of Management, SBE

The Department of Management is one of the four departments in the School of Business & Economics (SBE) of North South University (NSU). It is considered to be the largest in SBE in terms of number of students, number of faculty members and number of majors offered. Currently the department offers BBA, MBA and EMBA degrees majoring in Entrepreneurship (ETR), Human Resource Management (HRM), Management (MGT), Management Information System (MIS) and Supply Chain Management (SCM). It offers 26 courses, the highest number of courses offered amongst the departments of the school. The offered courses have been taught by distinguished faculty members having degrees from prestigious universities abroad, mostly from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Africa, South Korea, etc. Many of our academic staffs have teaching and research experiences from reputed foreign universities. The department currently has 53 full-time and 24 adjunct faculty members, along with their proven teaching skills and research expertise in their respective fields. Two full-time faculty members have been on study leave to pursue their doctoral (Ph. D.) degrees.  

As a part of the strategic plan of SBE, our department vigorously worked with other departments of the school to achieve approval of Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), USA and the school had been accredited. The department has been investing a lot in appointing talents, hiring technologies, and providing modern facilities to enhance student learning experience on priority basis. The department shares the state of the art labs (with advanced software) of SBE, designed to address the growing needs of our students and the industries. It also has fully furnished classrooms with multi-media that are dedicated to the students and faculty members of the department for better learning.

Faculty members of this department have been actively involved in various categories of research for solutions of national and international problems. The research work of some of our faculty members have appeared in peer-reviewed reputed international journals. Currently many faculty members of the department are in the process of publishing their research articles in higher quality peer-reviewed international journals. The Department of Management always values and encourages its faculty members to actively involve into cutting-edge research and knowledge creation. Research works of some of our faculty members have been fully funded by NSU, or other prestigious agencies.  

Faculty members of the Department of Management have considerable contribution in the NSU community. A senior professor and a well-experienced faculty member of the department have been serving SBE as Dean and Chairman respectively. Besides, many of our faculty members are actively engaged in various committees of NSU. In addition, faculty members of this department have been administering some important affairs like Career and Placement Centre (CPC) as director, School-wide Student Learning Assessment Program (SLA) as Coordinator, advising Young Entrepreneurs Society (YES) club as advisor, Proctoring as Assistant Proctor, etc.

The department will continue in its endeavor to invest more in the coming days to enhance quality for education and research across the board as it shares the same vision with the rest of the School of Business.

Dr. Jashim Uddin Ahmed
Ph.D., Univeristiy of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST), UK
MA, Univeristiy of Northumbria, UK

Course Map & Curriculum

Research & Publications


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