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Message from Dean

Let me welcome you to the School of Engineering and Physical Sciences (SEPS). It’s a wonderful time to study Engineering to lead the development of Bangladesh and the rest of the world through technology and innovation. Over the last several years, SEPS has been ramping up enrollment, faculty and facilities making the School as one of the largest as well as the finest places in the country to study Engineering and Architecture.

Memory of celebrating the 25th year is as fresh as morning dew. It has been a remarkable journey for NSU to graduate from the fledging concept to sustainable strong capacity of offering university education in Bangladesh. Although there could be many indicators to assess the outcome, but NSU’s ability to add value to intake to produce quality graduate is unparalleled. SEPS welcomes you to join the mission of leading the redesign of Bangladesh to graduate from labor centric manufacturing to high-tech innovation economy, by the time NSU celebrates her 50th anniversary.

SEPS at NSU comprises of four departments to offer both undergraduate and graduate education in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Architecture. The School is rich with 80+ full-time faculty members, each of them having at least one postgraduate degree from reputed foreign universities, and 40+ of them have PhDs. Reputed faculty members of other top universities complement this core faculty pool through part-time engagement.  Programs being offered by SEPS are designed following the most up-to-date outcome based curricula adopted from North American Universities in compliance with the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). Already three of the programs in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering are accredited by the Board of Accreditation for Engineering and Technical Education (BAETE), The Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB). Other programs are prepared for BAETE accredi

tation. SEPS has been endeavoring to produce graduates to be innovators, strong leaders, and entrepreneurs with excellent communication skill. Our broad based education program prepares our graduates to blend the technology competence with the economics of value creation for driving social and policy transformation to create sustainable base of innovation led wealth creation through entrepreneurship and investment. 

Strong undergraduate teaching, graduate research, growing alumni base, 6000+ current enrollment, 80+ highly competent full-time faculty pool, rich infrastructure, state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, resourceful library, most up-to-date curricula, strong management and supportive governance form the core capacity of SEPS to lead the Engineering education in Bangladesh. Our strategy to lead is in synergy of four Schools of NSU. We are developing the capacity to blend our engineering capability with economic rationales to derive insights for development strategy, social transformation, policy reform and investment advisory services. A large part of our success comes from our top-notch faculty. ECE faculty pool appears to be the finest in the nation. Vibrant learning culture and ample leadership opportunities for our students offered through programs, clubs, industry outreach and research position SEPS as an exceptional engineering program. Growing presence of our alumni in graduate schools of reputed universities like Stanford or McGill University and iconic firms like Google or Microsoft is a testimony of our underlying capability. 

Our strategy of addressing development issues through technology, innovation, policy reform, and entrepreneur

ships is bringing uniqueness to improve our quality of teaching, research, citations, visibility and industry sponsorship to make headway in global rankings. As a result, instead of facing head-on competition with leaders in higher education, we have been creating our uniqueness in niche opportunities—development through innovation for empowering a developing nation to migrate from labor centric manufacturing to high-tech innovation economy. 

As dean, I have the privilege of leading this 2nd largest School of NSU, a place where curiosity, compassion, and intellect combine to create breakthroughs that help us live better lives. Let me extend my warm welcome to join with us to lead the progression of Bangladesh and the world as a whole—with technology and innovation.   


  Prof. Dr. Arshad M Chowdhury
  Dean, School of Engineering and Physical Sciences (SEPS)


About Us

1. SEPS Vision:

The School of Engineering & Physical Sciences (SEPS) intends to be a center of excellence in innovation and technological entrepreneurship by building a knowledge and skill based learning environment for students in the field of engineering, architecture and physical sciences with adequate technical competency, social responsibility, communication skill and ethical standard.

2. SEPS Mission:

SEPS will maintain international standard in terms of program curricula, instruction style, laboratory and research facilities, faculty recruitment and student intake. It plans for a paradigm shift in engineering education in the region that would emphasize more on innovation and creativity other than classroom teaching, along with better communication skill and ethical standard. For the purposes, it will emphasize on greater engagement of practical oriented study and research, industry relation, collaboration with reputed universities and research institutes worldwide, etc. To serve the society in a holistic manner, it strongly believes that better understanding of the societal need through adequate general education, addressing emerging issues like sustainability, technical leadership and entrepreneurship skill, etc are some important qualities to achieve by an engineer too. To gain national and global recognition, it will seek various accreditation and certification as required. 



Prof. Dr. Arshad M. Chowdhury
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Ms. Shaila Joarder
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Civil and Environment Engineering

Prof. Dr. Md. Nazmul Islam
South Academic Building, SAC 731
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Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Mohammad Rezaul Bari
South Academic Building, SAC 941
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Mathematics and Physics

Prof. Dr. Partha Pratim Dey
South Academic Building, SAC 1039
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