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Welcome to the School of Engineering and Physical Sciences (SEPS), North South University. SEPS is the 2nd largest school in NSU and the fastest growing one in terms of student enrollment and faculty strength for the last few years. The school comprises of four departments as the Electrical and Computer Engineering department, Civil and Environmental Engineering department, Architecture department and the Mathemeatcis & Physics department. 

Engineering has always been a passion for young minds. How an airplane fly in the air, how a computer works or how a long bridge or skyscraper is built – young minds always like to ask those questions. The marvel of modern technology thus attracted talented young from almost all over the world.  Engineering has been a popular discipline in the region too, including Bangladesh. Best students are  always attracted toward engineering here, and the trend continues since long time. In fact, at least in the academic arena, engineering education in South Asia could excel up to the global standard, as for example the outstanding performance of the Indian Institute of Technology in India or BUET in Bangladesh, are well recognized all over the world.

For the last few years, SEPS NSU is also recruiting the best students of NSU as per the admission test criteria. SEPS departments nowadays have become the most popular ones in entire NSU. One of the programs of SEPS, CSE got the highest enrollment in NSU consecutively for the last few semesters. Our students are doing exceptionally good in many competitions at national and international levels as well and sometimes even better than those reputed institutes in the region. In fact, the Engineering school of North South University has recently been emerged as another brand name in the region. Let me give you some examples. Here I am just giving you some of the credential records of the year 2015 only.

- In 2015, NSU programming team attended the largest regional programming contest in the world, which took place in India and secured 4th position out of 380 teams in South Asia - defeating a large number of IIT teams and as the best performer among all Bangladeshi teams.

- In 2015, NSU team positioned 3rd in National Programming Competition and performed better than universities like BUET or Dhaka University.

- In the competition Solve a Thon by A2I of Bangladesh Government, it become Champion in Dhaka Districts, which include all the universities situated in Dhaka City.

- In the Global Robotics Competition NSU becomes runners up.

- Architecture and Civil Engineering department students also performed excellent including Champion or Runners up at several National level competitions.

In fact, we are different in terms of our curricula and instruction style too. In recent years, we have adopted a completely outcome based education system, which is mostly followed in North America or reputed universities worldwide. All the departments under SEPS are well equipped with state-of-the-art modern laboratories. Unlike memorizing, the engineering study in NSU is made to be more practical oriented and with the scope for creativity. We are the first in Bangladesh to introduce the ideas of Capstone Design and internship or co-op for students. In fact, we are already preparing ourselves to be certified by the Accreditation Board for Engg. and Tech. USA or ABET. Recently the undergraduate program of NSU is officially recognized by reputed US university George Washington University, USA who will accept our students directly to their graduate program with two courses waiver. Apart this, almost all US universities as well as other reputed universities worldwide accept NSU credits and degrees with due respect.

Alumni of the school are well placed all over the world too. Just at present there are two students from the school who are conducting PhD at world renowned Stanford University, USA. Alumni are placed at Google, Microsoft, IBM, Facebook and many more renowned places. In term of faculty strength, without any doubt, everyone agrees that it is the best school in NSU and probably one of the best schools in entire South Asia. At present the School of engineering has around 85 faculty members with around 43 PhD. Most of them are PhD from top rated US or reputed universities worldwide like Dartmouth college, Georgia Tech, Univ. of Michig at Ann arbor, Univ. Tokyo, University of British Columbia , Purdue University, Texas A &M, Arizona state Univ.,  Pennsylvania State, Univ. London, Univ. of Waterloo, Mc Master Univ. and so on. Many of them are certified professional engineers in USA and Canada too.

Such a profile is truly rare in any public or private universities in Bangladesh or even in the subcontinent. In fact, NSU as a whole has become a national pride for entire Bangladesh and Engineering at NSU very specifically.

Actually, this modern civilization is mostly contributed by the blessings of all those technological miracles and we can not stay aloof from them. In fact, the countries which dominate the world with economic supremacy are those who are advanced in technology. In connection to this, I would truly appreciate the present government’s vision of Digital Bangladesh, which is nothing but to establish a knowledge based society emphasizing on science technology. There are abundant opportunities ahead in the upcoming years for engineering graduates in Bangladesh. It’s only few years back that we built our first flyover. Monorail, subways or deep sea port, etc are upcoming mega-structures soon. We are committed to build Padma bridge with our own resources and expertise. A revolution is going to be taken place in the IT sector soon so that a large no. of professionals will be needed in the field. NSU SEPS is well aware of these ahead and preparing the next generation of Bangladesh to grasp those opportunities accordingly.

Last but not least, we truly thank you for your interest in SEPS, NSU. Hope the website will help you providing necessary information that you are looking for.  Please keep in touch and visit our site time to time to get the updates regularly.

Thank you.

Dr. Md. Sirajul Islam

About Us

1. SEPS Vision:

The School of Engineering & Physical Sciences (SEPS) intends to be a center of excellence in innovation and technological entrepreneurship by building a knowledge and skill based learning environment for students in the field of engineering, architecture and physical sciences with adequate technical competency, social responsibility, communication skill and ethical standard.

2. SEPS Mission:

SEPS will maintain international standard in terms of program curricula, instruction style, laboratory and research facilities, faculty recruitment and student intake. It plans for a paradigm shift in engineering education in the region that would emphasize more on innovation and creativity other than classroom teaching, along with better communication skill and ethical standard. For the purposes, it will emphasize on greater engagement of practical oriented study and research, industry relation, collaboration with reputed universities and research institutes worldwide, etc. To serve the society in a holistic manner, it strongly believes that better understanding of the societal need through adequate general education, addressing emerging issues like sustainability, technical leadership and entrepreneurship skill, etc are some important qualities to achieve by an engineer too. To gain national and global recognition, it will seek various accreditation and certification as required. 

Dr. Md. Sirajul Islam joined NSU back in 2005 and held several important positions including Chair, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEED) and Chair, Department of Environmental Science & Management (DESM). He also served as Faculty Adviser of Earth Club, NSU. Dr. Islam is having extensive experiences in the field of water resources and environment engineering with further concentration in climate change. His other fields of interest include urban environmental management, industrial compliance and building safety issues.He got training on ISO 14000, industrial environmental management and fire safety. Dr. Islam started his career as a researcher at the Institute of Water and Flood Management (IWFM), BUET in 1995. He then joined at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Shajalal University of Science and Technology (SUST), Sylhet in 1997. After his PhD, he conducted JST Postdoctoral Fellowship on hydrology and water resources engineering at Oki Laboratory, IIS, The University of Tokyo, Japan in 2003- 2005. Apart from his academic assignments, he also served for a number of international organizations and UN bodies as UNFCCC, IPCC, UNCRD, DFID, UNDP, ADB, GIZ and World Bank for consultancy, research or short term assignment. In 2010, he served as Research Fellow at the secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Bonn, Germany on the topic Technology for Adaptation to Climate Change. Dr. Islam is associated with Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as an Expert Reviewer for a number of reports. He is extensively involved with the professional bodies in his field and presently serving as General Secretary, Bangladesh Society for Environmental Scientists (BSES). He is a life member of Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) and involved with few other NGOs working on population, environment and development issues. He published widely in different international and national peer reviewed journals, conference proceedings and wrote book chapters. He visited a large number of countries worldwide while attending conferences, meetings and workshops.

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