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School of Health & Life Sciences

Welcome to the School of Health & Life Sciences at North South University (NSU), to shape the future and make an impact on quality of life. The school is committed to bring positive changes in society through utilization of academia and research by effective innovation and dissemination of knowledge. This effort will contribute to build a better healthier nation. The world has changed rapidly since NSU launched its first health & life sciences degree programs a decade ago. New technologies and bio-medical research have given us insight into the nature of diseases control and revealed the extricable links between the health of individuals and our society, including quality of drugs, food safety and climate change.  

Recent spread of deadly communicable diseases such as Ebola, HIV, H1N1 and SARS via extensive globalization, effect of climate change in environment is continuously challenging medical sciences. Conversely health problems of developed nations like, diabetes, obesity, cancer cardiovascular diseases are emerging as major concern in developing countries.  In addition to the above mentioned changes in disease burden of developing countries, new health care challenges such as, bioterrorism, development of antibiotic resistance pathogens, natural disasters, adulteration of food, lack of clean water supply are becoming a global issues. To meet these new challenges, developing countries must integrate different level of health care services which include both public health professional and researchers from biochemistry microbiology pharmaceuticals and environmental sciences.

Health and Bio-medical Sciences programs are the most multidisciplinary approach in developing cutting edge knowledge to improve the quality of human life. School of Health & Life Sciences at NSU has combined six programs: Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Environmental Sciences, Microbiology, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Public Health which are equally important to bring out success in combating the 21st Century challenges of health and environment.

As a Public Health professional, I do feel that public health issues are indeed complex and they require collaboration across all disciplines including communities and academic partners around the globe. We have much to learn about what makes us susceptible to many diseases, what we can do to promote good health and wellbeing and how to manage the consequences of ill health.

In the School of Health & Life Sciences, we prepare our graduate and undergraduate students as a competent individual from multiple disciplines to address the global health issues and use their knowledge and expertise that they gather here to expand the name and fame of North South University both nationally and internationally.

However big the challenges remain, our capacity for the work and passion for making the world a healthier place are equally important. Please join us, together; we are creating solutions and policies to address the health and environmental problem of our time.

Prof. Dr. G. U. Ahsan
School of Health & Life Sciences
North South University

North South University is a center of excellence in Bangladesh that promotes the highest standard of edu- cation and research in the country. The School of Health and Life Sciences (SHLS) is one of the leading schools in the University with a diverse and well-rounded set of departments. The school takes pride in its strong academic foundations and ensures the knowledge- based teaching and innovative research. Since its inception, the school has thrived in the establishment of sound collaborations with national and international institutions and agencies aiming to create a Global Health Center that would lead to high-quality research output. Here we aim to give an insight into the overall strengths and key areas of research of the school in a concise manner.


The School of Health and Life Sciences brings together outstanding students and faculty in a collaborative and innovative learning environment. Currently, there are around 1600 outstanding and diverse students from over 13 countries are studying in the four departments of the school.


The School of Health and Life Sciences (SHLS) is dedicated towards generation and dissemination of knowledge to ensure human welfare

  • To create highly competent graduates through innovative education and quality research
  • To achieve professional capability regarding excellent leadership, management and communication skills

Strategic goals

Since the establishment of the school, faculty, staff, students and community partners have begun implementing many of the goals and strategies identified in the plan.

  • Establishment of a sound academic and research environment
  • Development of international standard undergraduate and graduate programs
  • Promoting and enhancing collaborations with national and international institutions
  • Creating a knowledge and information hub for the policy makers and professionals
  • Under the umbrella of Global Health Center, the establishment of new generation facilities for genomics, nano-medicine, and drug development.