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Department of History & Philosophy

Overview & History

As an academic unit of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS), the Department of History and Philosophy (DHP) came into being on 1st January 2015 and since then catering GED courses to undergraduate students at North South University. Courses have been designed to promote knowledge in the domain of national and global history, along with the pursuit of the ethical and moral standing of our students. Significant areas in the realm of history include national culture and standing of our students. Significant areas in the realm of history include national culture and heritage, the emergence of Bangladesh, world history and civilization. The philosophy cluster focuses on business ethics, visionary thinking, and aspects of human psychology. Some full-time international faculty members have already served, and two of them continuing. Besides classroom teaching, faculty members generating new knowledge on a global scale. Eminent educationist Professor M. Emdadul Haque is currently chairing the department, while Professor Sharif Uddin Ahmed was the founder Chair. 

Mission and Vision


The Department of History and Philosophy aspires to be the Centre of Excellence based on historical and philosophical knowledge and research activities within Bangladesh and across South Asia.


  • Pursuing an inclusive approach towards better understanding of the socio-economic and political history of Bangladesh as well as of the South Asian region.
  • Presenting innovative and scholarly research in applied history and philosophy that link up the past heritage, present realities and future aspirations at the national and regional levels.
  • Transforming NSU students to acquire global standard in terms of critical thinking and moral development.
  • Providing basic knowledge to the students in liberal arts to help grow them as human capital with enlightenment, patriotism, ethical standard, and intellectual abilities.


Careers in History and Philosophy

If you are looking for a career oportunity in the Department of History and Philosophy, then kindly send you CV to the Chairman of DHP:

Visiting Faculty

Dr. A. K. M. Shahnawaz - [ASz]
Professor (Part Time Faculty)
Ph. D. Jadavpur University, India

Dr. Mohammad Mozahidul Islam  [Mzd]
Professor (Part Time Faculty)
Ph.D.,  University of New South Wales, Australia
M.A. University of Tsukuba, Japan

Dr. AKM Golam Rabbani [AGR2]
Professor (Part Time Faculty)
Ph. D. University of Nottingham, England

Dr. Ashfaque Hossaine [AHO]
Professor (Part Time Faculty)
Ph. D. University of Nottingham, England

Dr.Mohammad Mozahidul Islam [MZd]
Professor (Part Time Faculty)
Ph. D. University of New South Wales , Australia

Dr. Aksadul Alam [AKA3]
Professor (Part Time Faculty)
Ph. D. Jawaharlal Nehru University, India

Dr. Eshani Chakraborty [Ech]
Professor (Part Time Faculty)
Ph. D. Monash University, Australia

Dr. Ashit Boran Paul [ABP1]
Professor (Part Time Faculty)
Ph. D. Deccan College Post Graduate and Research University, India

Samina Sultana [SMS4]
Professor (Part Time Faculty)
Ph. D. Rajshahi University , Rajshahi

Ms. Rashida Akhter Khanum [RAK]
Professor (Part Time Faculty)
M.A., Philosophy University of McMaster, Canada

Dr. Mostofa Nazmul Mansur [Mtn4]
Professor (Part Time Faculty)
Ph. D., University of Calgary, Canada

Dr. Mohammad Kamrul Ahsan [Krl]
Professor (Part Time Faculty)
Ph. D., University of Cardiff, UK

Dr. Jasim Uddin [JSU]
Professor (Part Time Faculty)
Ph. D., University of New South wales, Australia

Dr. Munir Hossain Talukder [MnT]
Professor (Part Time Faculty)
Ph. D., National University of Singapore, Singapore

Dr. Hamida Akhtar Begum [HAB]
Professor (Part Time Faculty)
University of Manitoba, Canada
M.A., University of Manitoba, Canada

Dr. Shamim F. Karim [SFK]
Professor (Part Time Faculty)
Ph. D., Agra University, India
M.Sc., University of Strathclyde, UK

Dr. A.K.M. Rezaul Karim [ARK3]
Professor (Part Time Faculty)
Ph. D., Kanazawa University, Japan

Maliha Nargis Ahmed [Mna1]
Associate Professor(Part Time Faculty)
MA., University of Manchester

Nasrin Sultana [Nst]
Assistant Professor (Part Time Faculty)
MA, University of Alberta

Tahmina Yesmin Shova [TYS1]
Senior Lecturer (Part Time Faculty)
M. A. Linkoping University Sweden

Mohammad Morad Hossain Khan [MHK1]
Senior Lecturer (Part Time Faculty)
MA, University of Aarhus, Denmark

Shaheen Ahmed [Shd]
Lecturer (Part Time Faculty)
P.G.D.L. City University, London

Barrister Kazi Tamrin Rashed [KTR]
Lecturer (Part Time Faculty)
LL.B, University of London, UK

Sarah Hasan [SAH]
Lecturer (Part Time Faculty)
LL.B, University of Wilverhampton, UK

Barrister Afroz Imtiaz [BAI]
Lecturer (Part Time Faculty)
P.G.D.L., University of West of England, UK
LL.B., University of Greenwich , UK

Mohammad Arife Billah [AfB]
Lecturer (Part Time Faculty)
P.G.D.L., The City University of London, UK
LL.M., University of Manchester, UK

Tasnim Hassan Saara [TAS]
Lecturer (Part Time Faculty)
Masters in Law ( LLM). BPP University, London, UK

Ridma Khan [Rdn]
Lecturer (Part Time Faculty)
LL.M., Queen Marry University of London, UK
M.Sc., University College of London, UK

Tasneem Kashem [TKs1]
Lecturer (Part Time Faculty)
M.A. Middle Tennessee State University, USA

Ishtiaque Ahmed [ITA]
Lecturer (Part Time Faculty)
Post Graduate in Law University of London


Md. Remon Talukder


Ms. Mahmuda Begum

Faculty Assistant

Academic Calendar

AC 2019

Events, Seminars & Presentations

List of Seminar

1. Historiography of Bangladesh by Professor Dr. sharif Uddin Ahmed, date 23rd April 2015.

2. Morality and Ethics in Bangladesh by Professor Dr. Mohammad Mozahidul Islam, date-16/06/2015

3. Revisiting the Concept of Sustainability: Economic, Social and Environmental by Professor Dr. Mohammad Kamrul Ahsan , date-30/07/2015

4. Virtues and Emotion: Aristotle's Vs. Islamic View by Professor Dr. Munir Hossain Talukder, date-30/08/2015

5.Is there a place for ethics instruction in liberal arts education?by Professor Norman Kenneth Swazo , Ms. Ridita Rahman Khan & Mr. Tawsif Elahi, date-01/11/2015

6. Refugees of Eastern Borders: Many Histories (1946-1977) by Anindita Ghoshal , Rishi Bankim Chandra College Kolkata, West Bengal, India, date-15/11/2015

7. Famines in Britain and India, 1550-1800: Connected Cultural Histories of Food Security by Dr. Ayesha Mukherjee, University of Exeter, UK, date-22/11/2015

Undergraduate Courses

Current course offerings:

In Spring 2019, the DHP is offering ten courses in 106 sections run by five full time and 33 part-time faculty members. Major courses currently offered by the department are as follows:

  • Emergence of Bangladesh (Compulsory)
  • National heritage and culture
  • Business ethics (Compulsory)
  • Introduction to psychology
  • Introduction to philosophy
  • World history & civilizations

For further information, contact this number 01736494614 of the Department of History & Philosophy.

Graduate Program and Courses

The DHP aims at launching a Masters Program in History and Asian Studies (HAS) for generating graduate students with broad based understanding of the past heritage, present opportunities and future prospects of blue economy in Bangladesh and throughout the region. The program will promote academic excellence and diversify of knowledge in politico-economic history among the local and regional students across South Asia.

Research Areas

Name and Designation

Research areas

Dr. M. Emdadul Haque

Professor & Chair

Department of History & Philosophy

Area of Research:  Political history, Narco-diplomacy, India-Bangladesh relations, Public governance & politics


1. Drugs in South Asia: from the Opium Trade to the Present Day (Houndsmill: Palgrave Macmillan, 2000, ISBN 0-333-75465-4); Co-published (New York: St Martin’s Press, 2000, ISBN 0-312-22379-X)

2. Colonial Drug Trade in South Asia: from Palashi to Partition (Dhaka: Century Publications, 2017)

3. Comparative Political Systems  (Dhaka: Century Publications, 2019)

4. Transparency Openness & Ethics in Civil Service (Seoul: KAMAC, 2010)

5. Co-authored, Building Roads and Highways: Public Procurement Practices in Bangladesh (Saarbrucken: Lambert Academic Publishing, 2017)

6. The Politics: Basic Understanding (Dhaka: Century Publications, 2019)

* Plus more publications in Bengali 


Dr. Sharif Uddin Ahmed


 Area of Research:  Urban  &   Institutional  History of South  Asia

Major-Publications:A study in Urban History & Development, 1841-1885 published by Curzon Ptess Ltd, London, 1986; History & Heritage,1841-1921 (in Bengali), Academic Press &Publishers Limited Dhaka, 2002;

Dr. Norman Kenneth Swazo , Director,Undergraduate Studies



Area of Research: Ethics in International  Affairs; Biomedical  Ethics /Research Ethics;  Recent

European  Philosophy  (emphasis on Heidegger); Political Philosophy ; Comparative Philosophy /Comparative Religions; History of  Philosophy.

Major-publications: Crisis Theory & World Order: Heidegger Ian  Reflections (New York:SUNY Press,

SUNY’s Series in Global Politics September 2002.

Dr.Niladri Chatterjee

Assistant Professor

Area of research : Modern South Asian History, History of Bengal, The Indian Rebellion of 1857, Political Ecology and Environmental History, Political Economy of Public Health Policy in a Transnational Historical Perspective.

Major publications: The European Response towards the Indian Rebellion of 1857 in Rivista degli Studi Orientali (ISSN:0392-4866),published by the dipartimento Istituto Italiano di Studi orientali,Sapienza Universita di Roma.December 2014

Ms. Sarah Fardeen


Area of Research: Research  interest  lies in the  psychosocial  field. Mental  health development of the South Asian population.


Asiful Basar


Area of Research: Economic History ,south Asian Studies, Climate & International discourse.

Major publications: Climate Change, Loss of livelihood & the Loss of Rural Livelihood: A Story from coastal Bangladesh, VDM Verlag Dr. Muller GmbH & co.KG, ISBN Number:978-3-639-32829-5

Dr. A.K.M. Shahnawaz


Area of Research: Cultural Heritage of world Civilization, Art, Architecture & Archaeology of Bengal, Socio-cultural History of Bengal.

Major Publications: Mudraya O Shilalipite Maddhayajuger Banglar Samaj-Samskrity (Society & Culture of Medieval Bengal On Its Coins and Inscriptions) Dhaka, Bangla Academy, 1999

Dr.Mohammad Mozahidul Islam


Area of Research: Bangladesh Politics, politics of Food Security, Historiography.

Major Publications:  The Toxic politics of Bangladesh: A bipolar competitive neopatrimonial state? Asian Journal of Political Science, 21(2):148-168.(published by Routledge: Taylor and Francis)

Dr.A.K.M.Golam Rabbani


Area of research:  Islamic History and Culture, Muslim World, History South Asia (Ancient to Modern), Bengal and British India, Urban Studies, Urban History, Politics and Planning, National History and Heritages.

Major –Publications:

Dr.Ashfaque Hossain


Area of research:  History of the liberation war of Bangladesh, Aspects of colonial and post-colonial globalization, Maritime History, colonial Bengal and South Asian history.

Major Publications: A short History of the Emergence of Independent Bangladesh (In Bengali, Dhaka: New Age Publication,2014

Rashida Akhter Khanum



Area of Research: Ethics , Epistemology, Environmental Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy and Philosophy of Science

Major Publications: Contemporary gender Issues, Dhaka: A H Development Publishing House, 2012.

Dr. Mostofa Nazmul Mansur


Area of Research: Logic (traditional, Symbolic and Mathematical), Philosophy of Language, Western Philosophical Thoughts, Ethics, Epistemology, Indian Philosophy, Introductory Psychology

Major Publication:W.D.Ross’  Account of What Makes Right Actions right: an Examination, Copula:Jahangirnagar University Studies in Philosophy, Vol.XXXI,pp. 1-13.

Dr. Jasim Uddin



Area of Research: Applied Ethics-which comprises Environmental Ethics, Business Ethics, Ethics & Biotechnology & Engineering Ethics.

Major Publications: 1. Interconnectedness: Ecological and Ontological Realities, Philosophy and Progress, Development Centre for Philosophical Studies (DCPS), Dhaka University (DU), Vol.-June-Dec.2011.

2. Social Ecology as a Critique of Deep Ecology, the Journal of Social Studies, DU, Vol.-2-2009

Dr. Mohammad Kamrul Ahsan


Area of Research: Normative and Applied Ethics (especially Environmental Ethics, Ethics of Sustainable Development, Business Ethics, Professional Ethics, Animal Ethics and Bioethics); Environmental Philosophy; and the History of Normative Philosophy.

Major publications:

Dr. Md. Munir Hossain Talukder



Area of Research: Comparative Environmental Philosophy & Ethics, Bioethics, Applied Ethics, Asian Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy, Ethics and Technology.

Major Publications: 1. ‘In defence of Geo-Cultural Identity: An Argument Against Kymlicka’s View of Multiculturalism and Minority Rights’, Central European university(CEU) Political Science Journal, Vol.4,no.1, pp1-22, January, 2011. Publisher: Central European University, Hungary.

2. ‘On Patient –Physician Relationships: A Bangladesh Perspective’. Asian Bioethics Review, Vol.2, no.2, pp65-84, June, 2011. Publisher: National University of Singapore, Singapore.

Dr. Hamida Akhtar Begum


Area of Research: Social behaviour like Attitudes, Values, Aggression and Violence, Risk-taking, Aging, Social Psychology of Psychological research, Environmental stress, Poverty, and Gender and Development.

Major Publications: 1. ‘Emerging new Accent:  A Perspective of Gender and Development in Bangladesh’, 1993. 2. ‘Exploring Mental Disorders in Bangladesh’, 2005.

Dr. Shamim F. Karim



Area of Research: Psychology, Education & Child Development Women and Development Counselling & Mental Health.

Major Publications: ‘ A Cross-cultural Study of Theoretical Values of Adolescence’;  Asian Journal of Psychological and Education (APRC, Agra, India), Vol.30, no.1-2 page 1-6, 1997.





Academic Publications



Office & Services

To know more about the Department, please contact:


Department of History and Philosophy

NAC 10th Floor, Room Number 1047,
Block B, Bashundhara, Dhaka 1229, Bangladesh.

Telephone        +880 2 55668200. EXT 2111 



Faculty Office Hours

Faculty Office Hours - Spring 2019

Greetings from the Chair

It's my great pleasure to welcome you to the Department of History and Philosophy (DHP) at North South University.  The department has been a new inclusion in the academic horizon of the university since 2015. Academically competent and reputed faculty members, both from overseas and local backgrounds, are involved in the offering of courses in history, philosophy, and psychology. Our collective venture is to cultivate knowledge among the young minds to help grow them in the right direction as human capital in society. We welcome your comments, suggestions, and feedback to improve our professional engagement with the students and as well as to society. 

Dr. M. Emdadul Haq


Department of History and Philosophy

NAC 1047,

North South University

Bashundhara R/A, Block # B, Dhaka-1229,

Tel:+880-2-55668200 Ext-2111