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The First Private University in Bangladesh

Department of Accounting & Finance - Faculty Members

Dr. Sharif Nurul Ahkam [SfN1]

Professor & Director, Graduate Studies
DBA, Kent State University, USA
MBA, Kent State University, USA

Dr. Arifur Rahman [MAR3]

Associate Professor & Chair
PhD, University of Western Sydney, Australia

Dr. Mohammad Arman [Rma]

Assistant Professor
PhD & MS, Purdue University, IN, USA
MBA, Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Dhaka

Dr. Frank Henry Wade [FHW]

Assistant Professor
DBA , Golden Gate University, USA

Dr. Fahim Faisal [FFa]

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Mr. Muntasir Alam [Mta]

Senior Lecturer (On-Leave)
MBA, Drexel University, USA

Mr. Mokhdum Morshed [MdM]

Senior Lecturer
MBA, Conventry University, UK

Mr. Shabbir Ahmed Mubin [Sbr]

MS.c.,University of Bristol, UK

Ms. Syeda Marjia Hossain [Mrj] (on leave)

Senior Lecturer
M.Sc.,University of Hull, UK

Ms. Nabila Nisha [NbN]

Senior Lecturer (On-Study Leave)
MSc, University of Essex, UK

Ms. Shanila Taneem [SnT]

Senior Lecturer
MBA, Ryerson University, Canada

Mr. Adnan Habib [Anb]

Senior Lecturer
M.Sc.,University of Nottingham, UK

Mr. Mirza M. Ferdous [MzF]

MBA, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Mr. M Ahsanur Rahim [ARm] - On Leave

MBA, Risk Management & Insurance, Fox School of Business, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, USA