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Dr. Kanti Ananta Nuzhat

Full Time Faculty
Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Monash University, Australia
MA in Economics, York University, Canada

Phone:  +880-2-55668200  Ext: 1819
Office: NAC 806-C

Curriculum Vitae





I am a development economist. My research interests are economics of education, health economics, political economy, and social network and risk sharing attitude of farmers. I am interested in  research that has policy recommendation for Bangladesh.

My research particularly focused on female stipend program in Bangladesh and its long-term effects on education, marriage, fertility and the labor market outcomes. I have also looked at how economic development is closely related to political dynamics of Bangladesh. Currently I am involved in experimental research measuring farmers’ attitude towards uncertainty and their group effects in new technology adoption.


  • Hahn, Youjin, Kanti Nuzhat, and Hee-Seung Yang. “The effect of female education on marital matches and child health in Bangladesh.” Journal of Population Economics, 31, no.3 (2018), 915- 936. 4. 
  • Youjin, Asadul Islam, Kanti Nuzhat, Russell Smyth, and Hee-Seung Yang. “Education, Marriage, and Fertility: Long-Term Evidence from a Female Stipend Program in Bangladesh.” Economic Development and Cultural Change 66, no. 2 (2018): 383-415.


  • Nuzhat, K.A. (2012). The New Urban Women in Bangladesh: Their Changing Economic Profiles. Dhaka: Centre for Urban Studies.


  • Distributive Implications of Competitive Clientelism: Evidence from Bangladesh (with Haishan Yuan, Youjin Hahn, and Hee-Seung Yang)


  • Measuring Group Selection Effects on Attitudes toward Uncertainty:  Experimental Evidence from Bangladesh (with Ahsanuzzaman, and Asad Karim Khan Priyo)
  • Monash International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (MIPRS), 2011-2016
  • Monash Graduate Scholarship (MGS), 2011-2016
  • Faculty of Business & Economics Dean's Post Graduate Research Excellence Award, 2011-2014
  • Faculty Graduate Scholarship, York University, Canada, 2008-2009
  • Graduate Assistantship (for M.S.), North South University, Bangladesh, 2007-2008
  • Scholarship (for B.Sc.), North South University, Bangladesh, 2005-2006
  • PhD, Monash University, Australia, 2016
  • MA., Economics, York University, Canada, 2009
  • MS., Economics, North South University, Bangladesh, 2008
  • BSc., Economics, North South University, Bangladesh, 2006
  • Assistant Professor, North South University, Bangladesh, October 2016
  • Lecturer, North South University, Bangladesh, September, 2009- 2016



Introduction to Microeconomics, Introduction to Macroeconomics, Applied Mathematics-I, Applied Mathematics-II,

Managerial Economics



Economics of Education, Health Economics, Political Economy, and Social Network and Risk Sharing Attitude of Farmers



"Measuring attitudes toward uncertainty and the group selection effect of farmers in Bangladesh”

With Ahsanuzzman (University of Delaware) and Asad Karim Khan Priyo (NSU)

The project involves experiments to evaluate farmer’s attitudes toward uncertainty and the effects of group selection on uncertainty in adopting new technology among Bangladeshi farmers.  A field experiment on 206 Bangladeshi farmers have been conducted on villagers of Ajompur village in Jessore district. The photos below are from the field experiment in October, 2017. We hired local villagers and volunteers for their support. The project is being funded by NSU. 

With the co-authors

 Villagers waiting for the results of the experimental games they played with us.