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Ms. Humaira Husain

Full Time Faculty
Senior Lecturer

M. Sc., in Applied Economics & Financial Economics University of Nottingham, UK
M.S.S., in Economics University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
B.S.S., (Honours) in Economics University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Phone: +880-2-55668200 Ext: 1817

Curriculum Vitae


I joined NSU as a Lecturer in Dept. of Economics in 2009 as a core fecilty member. Prior to joining NSU I used to work as a Lecturer  in Economics and Social Science Dept at BRAC University. I have taught courses at Undergraduate level  . I have published single authored articles in peer reviewed and indexed journals.

I did my undergrad at Economics Dept. University of Dhaka, completed my Masters as well. I did my second MSc in Applied Economis from University of Nottingham , UK. Along with teaching , I would like to engage myself in producing quality research work which will be published in acclaimed journals.

1. Husain, Humaira , Alom , Khairul , Tarique, KM. " Nexus between frim level investment and financing constraint measures ,  A critical Review."  Review of Economics and Finance, Vol:12 Issue:2 , May  2018.

2.Husain , Humaira, "Economic Development , Women empoerment and U shaped labor force function: Time series evidence for Bangladesh" Asian Economic and Financial Review , (SCOPUS) Vol:6 , Issue:12 , October 2016. View Publication

3. Husain, Humaira" Determinants of Environmental degradation and Empirical investigation of Kuznets curve: A comparative study of India and Bangladesh" Asian Journal of empirical research, Vol: 6 . Issue:5, September 2016. View Publication

4.Husain, Humaira " Internal Finance and growth: Comparison between firms in Indonesia and Bangladesh"International Journal of Economics and Financial Issues Vol:5 Issue:4, October 2015. View Publication

5. Husain, H " The extent of Wage discrimination for women  in the UK labour market : Evidence from British household panel survey" International journal of Social development and Information System . Vol: 6 , Issue:3 , July 2015. View Publication

6. Husain, H" A search for a stable long run money demand function for the US" , Asian journal of business studies, Vol:5  Issue: 3 , May 2015. View Publication

7. Husain, H " The effects of financial constraints on firms Investment: A panel study of Indonesian Firn" North South Business Review .  Vol:5, Issue:1, December 2014 View Publication

8. Husain, H " Estimating Inflation - tax revenue for developing nations: A case study for Bangladesh"Journal of Socioeconomic research and development. Vol:3  Issue:1 , June 2006 View Publication

1.Dhaka University Merit Scholarship

2. Nottingham International tuition fee scholarship

BSS Hons in Economics, University of Dhaka (First class , 4th)
MSS in Economics, University of Dhaka (First class , 6th )
MSC in Applied Economics and Financial Economics (Merit in British grading system)

Undegraduate level

ECO101 (Introduction to Microeconomics)
ECO104 (Introduction to Macroeconomics)
ECO134 (Applied Mathematics -I)
ECO244 ( Applied Mathematics -II)
ECO172 ( Introduction to Statistics)
BUS173 (Applied statistics)
ECO317 ( Money , Banking and Financial Markets)

Member of Nottingham University Alumni

1. Macrofinance

2. Public Economics

3. Environmental Economics