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Ms. Humaira Husain

Full Time Faculty
Senior Lecturer

M. Sc., in Applied Economics & Financial Economics University of Nottingham, UK
M.S.S., in Economics University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
B.S.S., (Honours) in Economics University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Phone: +880-2-55668200 Ext: 1817

Curriculum Vitae


Humaira Husain joined NSU as a Lecturer in Dept. of Economics in 2009 as a core fecilty member. Prior to joining NSU she used to work as a Lecturer  in Economics and Social Science Dept at BRAC University. Sha taught Macroeconmics , Microeconomics , Financial Markets and instituions , Applied mathematics and applied statistics courses at Undergraduate level  .She has  published single authored and co authord  articles in peer reviewed and indexed journals.

She did her bachelor's and Masters degree   from  Economics Dept. University of Dhaka. She did  MSc in Applied Economics from University of Nottingham , UK. Along with teaching ,She would like to engage  herself in producing quality research output  in Future which will be published in acclaimed  journals.

1. Husain, Humaira , Alom , Khairul , Tarique, KM (2018). " Nexus between frim level investment and financing constraint measures ,  A critical Review."  Review of Economics and Finance, Vol:12 (2) , 88 -101 .

2.Husain , Humaira,(2016) "Economic Development , Women empoerment and U shaped labor force function: Time series evidence for Bangladesh" Asian Economic and Financial Review , (SCOPUS) Vol:6 , (12) ,719-728. October 2016. View Publication

3. Husain, Humaira (2016)" Determinants of Environmental degradation and Empirical investigation of Kuznets curve: A comparative study of India and Bangladesh" Asian Journal of empirical research, Vol: 6 (:5), 131-141. View Publication

4.Husain, Humaira (2015)" Internal Finance and growth: Comparison between firms in Indonesia and Bangladesh"International Journal of Economics and Financial Issues Vol:5 (4) 1038-1042. View Publication

5. Husain, H (2015) " The extent of Wage discrimination for women  in the UK labour market : Evidence from British household panel survey" International journal of Social development and Information System . Vol: 6 , (3) , 1-7. View Publication
6. Husain, H(2015). "A search for a stable long run money demand function for the US" , Asian journal of business studies, Vol:5( 3).1-12. View Publication

7. Husain, H(2014) " The effects of financial constraints on firms Investment: A panel study of Indonesian Firn" North South Business Review .  Vol:5, (1) 83-104, View Publication

8. Husain, H (2006)" Estimating Inflation - tax revenue for developing nations: A case study for Bangladesh"Journal of Socioeconomic research and development. Vol:3  (1), 50-58.  View Publication

1.Dhaka University Merit Scholarship

2. Nottingham International tuition fee scholarship

BSS Hons in Economics, University of Dhaka (First class , 4th)
MSS in Economics, University of Dhaka (First class , 6th )
MSC in Applied Economics and Financial Economics (Merit in British grading system)

Undegraduate level

ECO101 (Introduction to Microeconomics)
ECO104 (Introduction to Macroeconomics)
ECO134 (Applied Mathematics -I)
ECO244 ( Applied Mathematics -II)
ECO172 ( Introduction to Statistics)
BUS173 (Applied statistics)
ECO317 ( Money , Banking and Financial Markets)

Member of Nottingham University Alumni

1. Macrofinance

2. Public Economics

3. Environmental Economics

4. Development Economics